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DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING Agency Announces the Launch of iGaming.Deep.Cast

DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING launched a new product iGaming.Deep.Cast, to contribute to the iGaming industry's development worldwide.

How to use ChatGPT in your marketing strategy 2023

Learn how to use ChatGPT in marketing strategy, potential tools and techniques, and what the future of marketing might look like as a result of ChatGPT.

SEO Predictions for 2023: What you need to know

So we are all in the same boat. 2023 is approaching, and now is the right time to start our research to keep the truck on the new updates and latest trends that SEO has prepared for us.

Neuromarketing and Design in the iGaming Industry

Neuromarketing is a great tool to boost iGaming businesses. If done properly, neuromarketing and design can play a huge role. It is predicted to be the future of iGaming.

5 SMM trends for 2023. Predictions

Trends in social networks are changing at an incredible speed, and what was popular a couple of days ago will be called “yesterday” today. Therefore, it is important for marketers to follow social media marketing trends to correctly distribute their forces for the production and promotion of content.

Ways to Use XML Sitemaps to Improve Your SEO

XML Sitemaps are necessary tools to improve SEO strategies and draw organic traffic to your website. XML sitemaps contain a list of URLs that search engines use to draw traffic to websites.

Get SEO Organic Traffic Using Content Marketing to Your Benefit

SEO and content marketing naturally complete one another. They are the essential moving parts of any effective digital marketing campaign and fuel one another.

How to create perfect relationships with the players in the iGaming industry

It is well known that the tasks of the support team include only interaction with users and solving technical problems. But not everyone knows that these specialists also participate in multiple processes within the company.

SEO for iGaming. How to create high-quality backlinks for the iGaming industry

The iGaming industry demands a unique set of SEO strategies. Link building is an essential component of iGaming SEO as it helps to build a solid link profile and increase your chances of appearing on search engine first pages.

AI and Machine Learning in Digital Marketing: Components | Challenges | Benefits

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the marketing of most organizations. There are a few key elements that make the adoption of AI marketing vital for your business boosting

Top iGaming Players Retention Techniques

New opportunities to enter the global market always seem difficult. Customer retention techniques in iGaming are vital if you want to process perfect website realization.

The Best Countries to Operate iGaming Businesses and Why iGaming Marketing is Important

The iGaming industry rapidly expands and conquers new markets while highlighting the necessity to spend on marketing in iGaming for improved results.

6 Important Rules to Follow When Creating a Logo

Creating an effective visual depiction of a brand, on the other hand, takes far more than just graphic design.

SEO in 2022 | 7 Trends That Will Impact Your Performance

Although the fundamentals of SEO remain the same, algorithm upgrades and search trends change how we optimize our web pages.

What is SEO? 5 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO Right Now.

Search engine optimization is essential if you want to generate long-term brand awareness, broaden your target audiences, and improve revenue.

iGaming industry Overview. How has technology changed the iGaming industry

Various ways technology has completely revolutionized the iGaming world, and in this article, we will look at how technologies can change and impact on iGaming industry.

4 Reasons Why Branding Is Important In Marketing Strategy

Branding has always been crucial in the commercial world, but it may be even more so now

How to create a digital marketing strategy in 2022 and why it is important

Start planning with your most efficient team members to adopt strategies to deal with upcoming concerns and trends in the best possible way.

INSPIRE, LEAD, and WIN. Deep Agency rebranded.

Deep Agency represents a new brand. The company already has DEEP. MARKETING. BRANDING name, which expresses Deep's innovative solutions and the ability to deeply possess the market.

Top 9 Social Media Marketing
trends for 2022

Discover Social Media Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2022. Find the expected trends for the year and get tips to put them into practice and win the competitive market.

How to create an iGaming
marketing strategy for Africa

Africa's young population and love for sports make it an ideal market for iGaming businesses. Discover now all the essentials to tailoring your iGaming marketing strategy to Africa!

iGaming Player Acquisition:
Digital Marketing as the Main Channel

In this blog post by Deep's co-founder Anna Gyulkhasyan, you'll discover how to use Digital Marketing as the main channel for iGaming Industry Player Acquisition.

differences and key points

Marketing and sales are closely related, but you need a unique strategy for each. Discover now all the essentials to get your business up and running!

Top 5 SEO trends for 2022:

SEO services have become more critical to your business than ever before. Discover our predictions for 2022 SEO marketing trends and rank high!

6+1 important lessons
that Squid Game teaches us

There're various benefits to watching movies - even for experienced marketers. Discover now what Deep Team found inspiring in Squid Game Netflix!

Coronavirus crisis: why is it URGENT
to start SEO campaign now

The Coronavirus crisis hit hard on many companies, but to save your business you need to urgently start an SEO campaign. In this blog, you will find out the reasons for that.

Top 8 iGaming website conversion
rate optimization tips

Wondering how to turn more website visitors into customers? This complete guide to conversion rate optimization is all you need to increase website sales.

Top 5 free SEO tools
to improve your marketing
in 2021

It’s no news that SEO gets tougher each year. Luckily there are some useful tools that are there to help. Read this blog to learn about the top 5 free SEO tools for 2021.

Best SEO tools to use in 2020:
both paid and free

Are you looking for tools to improve your SEO results? In this blog, you’ll learn about 5 of the best SEO tools that can help you improve your strategy and achieve impressive results.

What is a landing page and
how to create one in 2020?

Landing pages are highly effective for getting new leads and conversions. In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a winning landing page in 2020 with all the key elements.

SEO & UX design: How user experience
impacts your website’s SEO

User experience (UX) directly affects your website’s SEO and ranking. In this blog, you’ll learn how to improve their cooperation for your website’s successful user experience.

Featured snippets in 2020:
a guide to writing rich snippets
for position zero

Featured snippets are one of the biggest challenges in SEO. In this blog, we’ll uncover the key secrets of writing rich snippets and ranking for the desired position zero in 2020.

Search engine optimization during COVID19:
How to confront the coronavirus crisis like a pro.

The Coronavirus crisis hit hard many industries but SEO is here to save businesses from major downfall. Read this blog to know how to use it too.

How to keep effective marketing
in the time of coronavirus?

Does your business struggle to reach its marketing goals during this Coronavirus pandemic? Here are some marketing tips and practices to use for your business.

Defeat coronavirus: Top 5 online
meeting and web conference tools

With the rapid spread of Coronavirus, many companies go remote. If you’re in one, then here are 5 online meeting tools you can use to be in touch with your teammates.

How does coronavirus impact
media and marketing?

Coronavirus is all over the internet, and its effect on media is simply unavoidable. In this blog, you’ll learn about some of the major causes of the virus on media and marketing.

7 ways to boost your content
marketing strategy in 2020

Content marketing is a powerful way to grow your brand or company nowadays. Here are 7 actually useful ways to improve your content marketing strategy in 2020.

Top 3 game design trends for 2020

Game design world has improved immensly in the last few years, leading to the rise of new trends. In this blog, you’re going to learn about the top 3 game design trends for 2020.

Facebook algorithm changes 2020:
here’s what to expect

Facebook updates its algorithm all the time, and there are some major changes happening in 2020. Here are some of the most important ones you need to know to succeed.

Super bowl 2020 commercials part 2:
The most memorable ads of this year

We continue the discussion of Super Bowl 2020 by introducing Part II of the most memorable ads of this year, including Pringles, Facebook, Audi and several more.

Super bowl 2020 commercials part 1:
The most memorable ads of this year

Super Bowl is here and the commercial stakes are higher than ever. From Pepsi, Google to Amazon, here are some of the most memorable commercials of Super Bowl 2020.

Logo styles that still look
trendy in 2020

If you struggle with creating logos that are classic and trendy at the same time, then this blog is for you. Learn about 8 most common logotypes that are still modern in 2020.

How to use hashtags effectively
for social media marketing?

Want to use hashtags more effectively in your social media platforms? In this blog post, you’ll learn 8 useful tactics that can help you strengthen your social media marketing strategy.

10 major google algorithm updates explained

How much do you know about Google algorithm updates and their impact on websites? In this post, you’ll learn about the 10 most impactful Google updates of all time.

Does SEO still work
in 2020?

Many people think that SEO doesn’t work anymore, but that is not true. In this post, you’ll learn about the most important SEO factors of 2020 and how you can beat them.