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2020 graphic design trends
part 1

2020 graphic design trends
part 1

The world of graphic design is constantly changing and evolving. Year after year, it reveals new features and elements while challenging designers to keep up with its standards. And whether you are a freelance graphic designer or an owner of a creative agency, keeping up with the latest trends of the industry is a must if you want to stay far ahead of your competition. To help you with that, we created a list of 2020 Graphic Design trend predictions that you need to keep an eye on in the upcoming year.

Vivid Colors and Lighter Shades


If you were following the design trends of the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that bright and vivid colors-scheme was very popular in design. This color trend is going to be more dominant next year, but with an additional twist. Besides bold colors, lighter, muted shades are going to be popular, as well. The reason behind this is that both bold colors and lighter hues attract attention and create a major impression on the audience. In fact, it is one of the main reasons that designers began to experiment with those colors and see impactful results. Therefore, it’s definitely safe to say that we’ll see more of both bright and colorful elements in 2020.



Gradients are the next major trend predictions of 2020, which might not be entirely new to the game, but they surely going to become more popular next year. It is because gradients are one of the best ways to add smooth color transitions and give depth to illustrations while creating a laid-back ambiance in design. In fact, since last year, many big companies like Instagram & Asana successfully implemented colored gradients in their brand designs and have set the trend for the following year.

3D Illustrations + Motion Graphics

graphic-design-trends-2020-3d-designGone are the days when the world of graphic design would impress people with simple motion graphics and flat illustrations. People nowadays want to see designs that are striking, moving, and ultra-creative. In other words, they want to be impressed and entertained with eye-catching, live designs, and last year was a great example of that. In fact, moving designs have even extended into technologies like AR and VR, and it seems that they are not going to stop there in the near future. So, it’s no surprise that 3D Illustrations + Motion Graphics are predicted to be highly trendy in 2020.

Asymmetric Layouts


As you have probably noticed, the world of graphic design is stepping away from traditional motives into more creative visuals and ideas. Design composition is no exception. In fact, lately, people seem to prefer asymmetric designs to classic layouts because asymmetry intrigues viewers by triggering their curiosity and opens their mind to imagination and spontaneity. Meanwhile, the traditional composition appears to limit mind and imagination while creating visual boundaries for the design. Therefore, it’s no surprise that next year, there are going to be more asymmetric layouts and visuals, which will not only give creative freedom to designers but also bring creativity and spontaneity to the world of design.

Customized Fonts


With the increasing demand for uniqueness and innovation in every aspect of design, typography also aims to meet those standards by shifting from classic to a more custom-made style. The need to stand out is pushing brands to create unique and creative fonts that are like no other. In fact, a few leading brands such as Apple, Google, Debenhams, and Airbnb have already put this trend into practice with success, no wonder why custom-designed fonts are predicted to be on the leading trends in 2020.


Trends come and go; they shift and adapt to the ever-changing modern world and the high demands of consumers. Therefore, keeping up with the new trends is simply mandatory, if you want to stay on top of such a competitive field like graphic design. As can be seen, 2020 promises to be colorful, dynamic, customized, and so much more.

On this list, we’ve introduced you to only one part of top trends for 2020, so if you don’t want to miss the rest of the top trends, read our next blog post as well. 


P.S. – If you think the trends on this list are trendy enough, we promise the rest are even better.


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