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2020 graphic design trends
part 2

2020 graphic design trends
part 2

December is officially here, which means that we’re less than a month away from entering the next year and what better time to learn more about the graphic design trends of 2020, than now. So continuing with the two-part blog series about the upcoming trends of graphic design, we will introduce you to the rest of the five trends of 2020 so that you can be far ahead of others.

Collage illustrations and paper-cut-outs

Designers are always trying to create authentic and creative graphics that will impress and surprise viewers. And what better way to do it than mixing multiple elements of art and design into one collage illustration. In 2020, you are going to see lots of collage illustrations with a mix of images from different art spheres, such as illustrations with photographs, typography, or paper cut-out visuals. The main idea of these kind of designs is to mix and blend the best of seemingly different art worlds and create an unconventional design that will impress the viewers with spontaneity and creativity.


Futuristic Designs and AR/VR

It’s no news that the modern world has already shifted towards technology and innovations, which more and more look like they came from a futuristic planet. While this tendency is mainly about technology, the design world is also trying to keep up with it, and futuristic designs are a true reflection of that. Sci-fi visuals, graphics, colors, and other futuristic elements are going to take over the design world in 2020. In fact, there are predictions that highly popular innovations like AR/VR are going to be on the top of graphic design trends of the upcoming year. Moreover, it is likely to also team-up with 3D design to create a more and more interactive and futuristic design that will amaze people.


Patterns and textures

2020 seems to be all about combining contrasting elements and adding realism in many ways. So combining different patterns and textures in one design is going to be the norm in the next year. Designers are going to achieve authenticity with not only 3D visuals but also by adding different realistic textures and patterns in their designs. On the other hand, brands are going to use this trend to bring authenticity and realism in their designs. Here’s a striking example of how Nike used texture for their PG3 ‘Get Cozy’ Advertisement.


Color Minimalism

Minimalism has been on the rise for the last few years, with brands and companies trying to incorporate it into their campaigns and web designs. However, color minimalism is a new emerging trend that’s been spotted lately and is going to become even bigger in 2020. As known, minimalism is the practice of getting rid of anything excessive and leaving only bare essentials. The same concept works for color minimalism, but in this case, the design is trimmed down to essential colors. This is a new type of minimalism dominated by color and creativity, which is going to take over the world of design in the next year.  

 graphic-design-trends-2020-color minimalism

Abstract and Dreamy Illustrations

As mentioned in the last blog post, eye-catching illustrations are one of the key trends of the next year. There are various types of illustrations, from minimal to retro, but abstract and dreamy illustrations are going to be in 2020. This trend is going to be particularly useful for social media because this type of illustrations grab the attention of the viewer, impress them with striking ideas, and also encourage them to look at them longer. This trend is going to be highly popular next year while giving a lot of space for imagination, creativity, and abstractions. So embrace abstract and dreamy illustrations in your designs and keep up your standard.



If you have read both blog posts about the 2020 graphic design trends, then you know how bold, abstract, and colorful it’s going to be. The trends highlighted in both blog posts are going to have the most impact in the next year. While, some of them might persistently stay on the top of the list, while others can fade away and be replaced by other trends throughout the year. Regardless of whether you’re a graphic designer or SM specialist, it’s highly important to keep an eye on these trends to be several steps ahead of others. So, study these trends and get ready for 2020, because it promises to be bold, exciting, endlessly creative, and unique.

P.S. – If you have missed the first part of this blog post, then you should definitely check it out.


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