5 SMM trends for 2023. Predictions

Trends in social networks are changing at an incredible speed, and what was popular a couple of days ago will be called “yesterday” today. Therefore, it is important for marketers to follow social media marketing trends to correctly distribute their forces for the production and promotion of content.

The best way to “catch” a trend is to anticipate it and adapt to it in time. We have prepared the TOP 5 social media marketing trends for 2023 that will be with us for the whole next year.





UGC (User Generated Content) includes photos, videos, reviews, comments, and opinions of your customers, that is, any user-generated content. If your product is of good quality, then UGC will do you a great favour and attract many new customers from completely different sources. Just be careful, it works the other way around too! Proper use of UGC will increase the level of trust in you and your product, increase the loyalty of existing and new customers, and sometimes cause a desire to become part of your prestigious ecosystem if you are developing one. Think about how you can ask and encourage your customers to talk about you, share their opinions, and take photos and videos with your product.





Virtual reality started to be more widely accepted, and VR and AR technology started to advance even more quickly. Traditional methods of social media marketing trends of displaying information will eventually go away thanks to new technology that will enable businesses to interact with augmented reality. This suggests that it is necessary to closely monitor the ongoing changes in the field of innovative technologies to be able to quickly adapt to new realities.

Almost every global brand has its own Instagram mask inside the app. Apple intends to release its AR glasses this year, and Facebook plans to enhance its Ray-Ban spectacles with AR technology. Voice search is gaining popularity, even more, this year.

This year, voice search is becoming even more popular. There is also a rapid digitalization of the product, 3D modelling is becoming more in demand, and so on. Instagram is predicted to soon function as a Facebook AR portal.


Interaction with influencers



Even if you are a B2B company, the presence of bloggers in your social networks will not be superfluous. Regular interaction with influencers can make them an effective instrument for fostering industry trust. As influencers, it is better to attract not only users with a large number of subscribers – bloggers with a small but active community are more likely to bring you the desired result. Influencers are crucial to the phenomenon of viral material because of their wide audience and natural entertainment value. A campaign might use it as rocket fuel. However, one thing is for certain: This new paradigm is relevant for quick-loading video sites like TikTok that already have a culture of “challenges.” For  influencers this approach was quite easy, however, time management couldn’t be organised in a couple of seconds of videos. Soon, as of the 10th of February 2022, the TikTok maximum video length is 10 minutes. These changes gave marketing a lot of campaigns more opportunities to distribute their products and services in detail.


Shopping through social networks



Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms have developed into significant e-commerce players. Companies that are concerned with promoting their brands will particularly like this social media marketing trend. You may simultaneously market your brand and your products by utilizing both an online store and a social media presence.

If there is no need to visit third-party pages (marketplace, online store, etc.), the visitor is more immersed in the brand and its visuals. Consequently, if you combine a blog with a product platform, the visitor simply needs to visit the site to make a purchase.

Interestingly, last year, clothing brands and consumer goods sellers posted their goods on social networks. Even automotive firms are using Instagram as a marketplace these days.


Roadmap / routing / sales funnel



This is the customer’s journey from offer to purchase. A roadmap is a tool for visualizing a company’s growth strategy, project launch phases, and product promotion. It is also a document or graphic file that describes the main steps necessary to achieve the goal for example to get a product or find a service. 

Your social network should solve a certain problem: sell a product, or service, bring you to a restaurant, to beauty treatments, encourage you to sign up for a master class, training, etc. And it’s not enough to bring a new audience to your account and wait for actions like following the link, ordering something, and buying it.

 People may not understand what you want from them. Therefore, you need to create a client roadmap by following your goals, giving the message “come here and get this”. A person follows a link, downloads/reads/watches something and leaves you their contacts, and after that, you send them along a certain route to achieve the final goal. 

Without such a tool, any modifications to the initial plan could have a significant negative effect on the operation of the business as a whole. For example, experts from one department will reallocate resources to do other projects rather than waiting for input from their colleagues. On the contrary, with a roadmap in hand, the manager will inform the relevant specialists of the need to allocate the workforce shortly, even if the original deadlines have changed.



In the end, it’s necessary to keep in mind that social media is a dynamic and competitive environment. It’s not an assumption that previous strategies for 2021 and 2022 produced the same outcomes as 2013 will do. So, stay up to date on these subjects’ most recent advances and incorporate them into your social media campaigns.



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