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6+1 important lessons
that Squid Game teaches us

6+1 important lessons
that Squid Game teaches us

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Sure you have heard about the Netflix series Squid Game and the noise it made in the world. Since its release in September, it’s been a great success. No other Korean TV series gained that much attention. Besides, the TV show has impacted brands and products. The sales for white Vans sneakers skyrocketed to 7800%, Korean media companies had a massive increase in the stocks, dalgona candy went viral and gained popularity with a hashtag associated with it that had more than 5 million views. Amazing, huh? 

Besides having this kind of impact, Squid Game had lessons to teach us. And here are 6 and 1 bonus lessons from it!

ATTENTION: The article contains spoilers!


Lesson 1 | Be patient. 

squid game lessons to learn

Success does not come immediately. You need to earn it through patience, intelligence, and work. Once you rush, try to run, and use your whole strength and energy, you can have the opposite effect. Don’t waste your skills and energy. Use it properly and you will succeed. And as they say, it’s better to work smart than hard. 

Lesson 2 | Don’t be a boss, be a leader.

squid game lessons to learn

Sometimes we think as we have a fresh idea and a team, we can achieve our goals. However, quite often it is not enough. As a leader, you need to take part in the process; you need to be part of what you are trying to create to understand its actual value, the omissions, and give yourself a chance to have the opportunity to do better. Also, you must know your team, how they think, how they act in order to do everything better.

Lesson 3 | Always have a strategy.

squid game lessons to learn

No matter how many experienced and top skilled specialists you have in your team, you will permanently lose if you do not have a developed strategy. Though, having a strategy does not exclude improvisations. As a great example of it, we can recall the rope-game scene. They went three steps forward and back again, and this improvisation with the strategy helped them to bring victory to the team.

Lesson 4 | Beware of competitors.

squid game lessons to learn

Your competitors can do anything. In the movie, we witnessed betrayal and lies so many times, and in most cases, it caused the death of one of the players. In marketing, it won’t cause death, of course, but it will affect you negatively for sure. 

Competitors can steal your content, style, design, ideas and try to leave you behind by using your own ideas. So, here we can learn to be ready for everything from the competitors’ side and work hard to be the first.


Lesson 5 | Think out of the box.

squid game lessons to learn

We always speak about thinking out of the box, and it never gets old. True fans will remember this part in the movie for sure. So, while everyone does the same by using the same tools and speaking about the same topic trying to be trendy, you need to step back, study every possible aspect and then come up with a fresh idea by getting ahead of everyone.

Lesson 6 | Stay loyal to yourself. 

squid game lessons to learn
The hero was faithful with himself, with his values, honesty, and sincerity (except the 6th episode). It is the same in marketing; the specialist should stay loyal to its principles and expertise and not violate professional ethics.
You will definitely win when you stay loyal to your values.

BONUS LESSON | Have some fun.

Whether you’re a businessman, manager, freelancer, or full-time employee, have some time for your rest. Life is too short not to have fun, make friends, and have some rest. Don’t forget to spend time with your family and beloved ones. If you’ve dreamed of doing something, starting a hobby, or anything else, this is the right time to do it. There’s no ‘’better time’’. Only you and NOW. So enjoy your life and make the best out of it. 


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