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Best practical digital marketing
tools for all cases

Best practical digital marketing
tools for all cases

“You ain’t makin’ a boat with only a hammer!”

Every year, if not month, our digital universe comes up with new issues and also with solutions to today’s Marketing issues. And as you know we solve these issues with a simple digital marketing tool. It’s an ongoing process of technical evolution in the field of Digital Marketing. The inventory of marketing specialists constantly goes bigger and more diverse.

Currently there’s a huge arsenal of great Digital Marketing tools. Thus, in our digital world a beginner Digital marketing specialist and marketing data analyst should have at least a small practical Digital Marketing tool-kit to be prepared for various cases. Digital marketing is an accurate science and it surely requires a solid tool-kit.

So, here we go!

1. Google’s Third Child

Alongside the already known and properly used tools, Google Analytics and Search Console, there’s another great tool that analyzes and comes up with statistics on the popularity of top search queries, Google Trend also shows the searches on a world map highlighting the interested countries. In addition, along with the main data provided one of its algorithms comes up with similar or related results that give the user a wider image of search query popularity.


google trends

google trends2. WordPress’ Prodigy Kid

If you work on a WordPress-based website, you may carry out Search Engine Optimization perfectly with Yoast SEO. WordPress’ original SEO plugin gives you an overall control over your website.

With Yoast SEO:

⁕ You’re provided with the best XML Sitemaps functionality

⁕ You may carry out canonical URLs to avoid dublicated content

⁕ See how your content will look in search results via the snippet preview


With Yoast SEO Premium:

⁕ Define what your texts focus on via Insights tool, and chose right keyphrases.

⁕ Get News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO extensions.

⁕ You write a blog / article and are automatically suggested posts to link to.

Surely, that’s not the end.

3. Who? What? Where? How Many?

Our next super-tool is Buzzsumo. Some of you maybe thought of Toy Story’s (Pixar) Buzz Lightyear that got really, really fat, but nope! That’s not the case. Buzzsumo is as super as Buzz, but its field is Content Analysis. It analyzes topics and comes up with results on what level of engagement the topic has on the main Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.). The user may filter the results according to content type (articles, video, infographics, how-to articles, lists, etc.).

P.s. Unfortunately the super abilities of Buzzsumo are available in the Premium version. But this is the case when spending money will surely have incredible impact on your business and its SEO.


4. Come on, Rush into the Archives!

SEMrush is a multi-functional tool. It is mostly used for gathering necessary data on your competitors. This includes Competition SEO research, Image research, topic research, website traffic information, keywords projected AdWords spend, site audit, etc.

SEMrush is not a free tool, well, but sometimes, “you’ve to pay for some vital info”.

So pay and analyze.


5. The Most Important Tool.

The most important tool for DM management and DM analysis does not belong to any company, organization, brand or IT team. The best Digital Marketing tool that your kit should never lack is Marketer’s Aptitude – the instinctive ability for thinking differently, showing creative attitude to anything and seeing behind the smoke and mirrors.

REMEMBER: these are only a few of those really important digital marketing tools. We’ll keep on providing you with other ones. So alongside mastering Marketing tools and strategies, master your marketer-brain! Go for it and never fear of failure. That’s how marketing’s done.

P.s. You can read about another important tool in our previous blog telling about the Secrets of Google disavow tool.



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