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Google UX playbooks 2019

Google UX playbooks 2019

Collection of best practices to delight your users

Google UX playbooks 2019 are a must read guide for all who want to have a better website and drive more traffic.

We all know that user experience, or UX, plays an important role in customer’s perception of the website and conversions that follow. Two out of five people will leave the website without purchasing if they cannot find what they are looking for.

UX issues include such problems as slow loading images, complex navigation, lack of brand message and many more which will affect your sales negatively.

For avoiding these kind of problems Google collected the best UX practices guidelines which are extremely valuable for everyone. This is something your development team must have.

So here is the million-dollar question: what should you have to be a good online store according to Google?

We will have a little journey around this question and will provide you with the right answers. You can find the links attached for more specific information.

Here we go!

Google UX playbook 2019 for Retail & E-Commerce


You won’t have a second chance to make the first impression. So, your homepage must be simple, attractive and easy to understand.

Here are a few tips for you to have a better homepage:

  • Work on your CTAs.
  • Have a clear value proposition.
  • Let the users be in control.
  • Put top categories on the homepage.
Google UX playbook 2019 | Website Home Page

Website Home Page

Menu and navigation

The menu should contain all the needed elements and help the users navigate the website easily.


This is probably one of the incredibly important parts of the website. Here we have the “Search icon vs Search bar” battle. The number one rule for search bar is: MAKE IT VISIBLE. Make sure the user can immediately see the search icon or bar when entering the website.

Form optimization

Payment process is the last and most important part of the sales funnel. So make it easy for the user!

  • Use inline validation.
  • Use autofill.
  • Use corresponding keypads when entering text and numbers
  • Don’t use dropdowns if there are less than 4 options

For the details on these themes see the Google link below:


Google UX playbook 2019 for Lead Gen

Google released its Lead Gen UX playbook 2019 which is one of the most important objectives for marketers. This page must convince the visitors that sharing their personal information in your website is OK.

We will segregate 5 tips to ensure your lead generation:

  • Avoid generic call-to-actions (CTA)
  • Make sure your value proposition is clear
  • Use social proof to gain trust
  • Establish your credibility with free trials of demos
  • Optimize your form for ease of use

For the details on this theme see the Google Lead Gen UX 2019 link below:


Google UX playbook 2019 for Travel

After looking hundreds of travel sites Google realized that there are certain universal UX elements that help to create a frictionless user experience. By clicking on the link below you’ll see Google Travel UX playbook 2019 with its “top secret’’ recommendation on optimizing your travel page:

  • Home/Landing page
  • Search
  • Results page: comparison & filtering
  • Booking
  • Sign-in/Sign up
  • Post-booking

For the details on this theme see the Google Travel UX 2019 link below:


Google UX playbook 2019 for Finance

This Google Finance UX playbook 2019 part is for LOANS & LENDERS, BANKING, CREDIT and FINANCIAL PRODUCTS.

In this part you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I help users get an overview of our products and services?
  • How can I help educate my users while getting them to convert as quickly as possible?
  • How do I reduce friction at point of sign in or sign up?
  • How do I guide users through conversion flow and make forms as easy as possible?
  • How can users compare options with a large amount of data and content?
  • How do I best adjust content for mobile to meet user needs?

To find out the answers to the above mentioned questions see the Google Finance UX 2019 link below:


Google UX playbook 2019 for Real Estate

After reading and following the instructions of Google UX playbook 2019 for Real estate you’ll improve your Homepage/Landing Page, Navigation, Search, Category/Listing page and Form Optimization.

Google reminds you that typing on mobile is hard and advice you to guide your user to complete the actions in the form. Also you can enable social login and have a one tap sign up & auto sign in.

Find more information on these themes in the Google Real estate UX 2019 link below:


Google UX playbook 2019 for News & Content

In this part you’ll find useful tips on how to improve your News & Content website and make it easy for mobile use. The first advice you’ll read says: Feature a top story or breaking news (remove carousels). This is the very right thing to do as users mostly search for top stories and are fond of breaking news. It is better for you to have news easily scannable (eg. list view).

Google UX playbook 2019 | Sorting Content

Sorting Content

These are only two of Google News & Content UX playbook 2019 priceless advices. You can find more by clicking on the link below:


Hope we helped you to have a quick look at the latest updates of Google UX playbook 2019 and find the information you were looking for.



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