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Coronavirus crisis: why is it URGENT
to start SEO campaign now

Coronavirus crisis: why is it URGENT
to start SEO campaign now

At this point, we all have heard enough about the Coronavirus and its noticeable impacts on all industries and aspects of life. It is obvious that COVID-19 will continue to spread for some time, while enlarging its impacts like a snowball. Of course, the situation is pretty sad, but if you want to conquer the Coronavirus crisis, you should continue your marketing efforts and improving your website optimization. In fact, if you want to save your business from a potential failure, then you should start an SEO campaign as soon as possible and here’s why.

Decreased Marketing Budgets


Coronavirus hit hard a lot of companies regardless of their size or authority. Many major companies we know and love, have already lost millions, if not billions of money, and those numbers might get even bigger by the end of the Coronavirus crisis. This is why many businesses and corporations consider cutting their marketing costs and shift to more affordable solutions. In fact, a recent survey by Conductor showed that 45% of the 317 repondents agreed that marketing budgets would decrease slightly, while 20% said that the budgets would decrease greatly. These numbers indicate how impactful the Coronavirus crisis is and how it is going to affect the marketing budgets of most companies. 

Less Competition, More Traffic for You

According to the same research, more than half of the marketers believe that SEO is going to become more important and useful during the Coronavirus crisis. The survey by Conductor is just one among many others that point out the increasing importance of focusing on organic search and starting an SEO campaign now. The reason behind it is that due to the Coronavirus crisis, a lot of businesses decided to delay their SEO campaigns, and some might even close down completely by the end of the crisis. And as harsh as it sounds, if you end up having less competition in the market, you will have more traffic opportunities for your future SEO campaign. Therefore, it is best if you use this traffic opportunity and start a powerful SEO campaign as soon as right now. 

Affordable Prices for Starting an SEO Campaign

Another major reason why you need to start an SEO campaign now is that now you actually reach a larger audience with a smaller campaign budget. Cool huh? Let us give more details on this. The thing is since many major companies put away their ad campaigns due to the Coronavirus crisis, there is now less competition in the market, and consequently, campaign prices are much lower. This means that you can still save some money on your SEO campaign while getting more traffic than before.  In other words, if you want to stay ahead of your competition, generate plenty of new conversions, then now is the best time to act and start an SEO campaign. 

Start an SEO Campaign Now, Enjoy You Results Later


One of the most important reasons for starting an SEO campaign right now is that you need to remember that SEO results don’t appear overnight; they take time and effort. To get the best SEO campaign results, you need to plan your actions, develop a strong strategy, create quality content and make sure your website works perfectly for your new visitors. All in all, there’s a lot of things that go into SEO campaign creations; therefore, it’s always better to plan ahead so that you can confidently start your new SEO campaign and have the best result especially during such time like the Coronavirus crisis. 


Final Thoughts


As you can see, the world of marketing is pretty chaotic right now; there is a major reduction in marketing budgets, disruption of campaigns and of course, economic loss. Nevertheless, it’s no time panicking and giving up, because this whole situation has its benefits as well, including lots of available traffic, less competition, high internet usage and of course, lower campaign costs. In other words, if you want to conquer the Coronavirus crisis and save your business from failure, then you should immediately start an SEO campaign.


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