The Best Countries to Operate iGaming Businesses and Why iGaming Marketing is Important

Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon dating back thousands of years. Traces of gambling have been found in early civilizations from all four corners of the world, and it seems there is something intrinsic about gambling.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that online gambling has stirred a buzz and is spreading like wildfire all over the world. Despite the widespread popularity, market size, government regulations, and the overall gambling culture are what determine a market’s profitability. As countries relax regulations, the iGaming industry rapidly expands and conquers new markets while highlighting the necessity to spend on marketing in iGaming for improved results.

And here are some of the best countries to operate iGaming businesses right now.


Gambling in the Scandinavian Countries

Gambling in the Scandinavian Countries

Scandinavia is one of Europe’s most popular areas for casino games and gambling. Lotteries, betting, and other games have a long history in Scandinavian countries. Scandinavians are willing to pay for entertainment and pleasure, and they enjoy playing games in which they have a little chance of winning more. Although there is no official data on how much money Scandinavians spend each year on casino games and gambling, it is estimated that they spend 1-5 percent of their discretionary income on lottery tickets, sweepstakes, and other forms of gambling.

People of Scandinavia generally have a positive attitude towards gambling. Even though the image of casino games is not as positive as it could be, most people do not consider gambling as a problem; the general public has an overall positive view of professional gambling and related activities. 

Also, the iGaming laws are quite similar in all Scandinavian countries, making casino games and their taxation very predictable and reliable for online casinos since their business is stable. 

Government approval and regulation of online gambling have been sporadic across countries. Many governments are suspicious of the sector as a conduit for illicit funds and a source of gambling addiction among players. However, the Scandinavian countries have been an outlier in this regard. Denmark, for example, abolished its government gaming monopoly in 2010, while Sweden deregulated its online gambling sector in 2018. The Finnish government, including Finnish casinos, has a relatively progressive approach to all gambling app maker firms, making the Scandinavian countries one of the handy destinations for your iGaming business. 


iGaming industry in Asia | Example: Philippines

iGaming industry in Asia Philippines

Asia, a continent with numerous industrialized economies and home to 60% of the world’s population, is constantly a topic of interest for international gambling companies. When you combine this with the lightning-fast adoption of digital technology, you have a continent brimming with possibilities.

Especially the Philippines’ interesting regulatory system makes the country a flourishing area for the iGaming industry. The Philippines has a well-developed gaming market with a wide range of gambling options. In terms of online gambling, the Philippines has a reasonably clear policy. For gambling purposes, there are two distinct areas: the state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), which operates all land-based and online casinos, bingo, sports betting, and betting companies and is the country’s sole authorized gambling operator, and the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport, which is the country’s only region not under PAGCOR’s monopoly. As a result, there are no restrictions in the Philippines prohibiting residents from gambling online. Filipino players are allowed to play freely. So, due to its loose regulations, the Philippines has risen to prominence as one of the greatest areas to consider launching an iGaming business. 

New property openings, booming domestic-remote gaming, and a surge in revenge tourism are projected to push the Philippines to the forefront of iGaming sector growth, making it Asia’s quickest-growing gambling direction.

Indeed, the gaming business has benefited Asian economies greatly. Revenues are increasing, and new trends are opening up many new opportunities. However, meeting players’ needs and expectations must prioritize maintaining iGaming’s impressive growth and allowing the region to benefit from this lucrative industry.


LATAM iGaming industry

LATAM iGaming industry

The LATAM area currently represents a crucial potential to drive brand success as the world’s fastest-growing iGaming market. In Latin America, iGaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. For the foreseeable future, the area, along with other rising markets, will continue to dominate the conversation around iGaming trends. 

Slot machines, poker, and video bingo are all popular in LATAM, with video bingo games performing particularly well in Brazil.

Sport is a significant place in LATAM gambling culture, too, and is one of the iGaming industry’s fastest-growing categories. Football is especially popular in the region, which explains why the business is exploding. Sports betting is flashing worldwide, too, not just in Latin America. It’s a global trend, with revenue predicted to increase by over 10% in the next four years. 


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Also, due to their distinct gaming style, live casino internet games have become increasingly popular. Regardless of their geolocation, players may now enjoy the live betting features in the live casino online because it gives them the experience of traditional-themed online casinos. Genuine dealers operate all of these games in real-time. Players connect to the games via a live stream and place real-time wagers on them. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more live casino online dealer games are available.

Global trends, according to experts, will pave the way for a bright future in Latin America’s iGaming industry. There are already a large number of players who participate in these online casinos. The industry will have around 640 million active players in the coming year. The continent’s most powerful economies have taken a keen interest in gambling services and are attempting to develop unified legislation.

The sector is just getting started in Latin America, but there’s plenty of possibility for expansion. Online gaming is highly popular, and as creators improve the realism of these games, more people will join the billions of people who already play them. Experts predict that by 2025, there will be one billion online players, and it’s not unreasonable to believe that the Latin American industry will contribute a large number of them.


How to compete in different iGaming markets and why marketing in iGaming is important

How to compete in different iGaming markets and why marketing in iGaming is important

All countries we’ve mentioned have rich gambling cultures that make them ideal for iGaming companies. And even though some countries are still at the new stages, they are worth looking at and preparing for.

However, it wouldn’t make sense to enter the biggest iGaming markets without a solid iGaming marketing strategy. And even if human love for gambling seems universal, there are many cultural differences you need to consider when presenting your brand in a new market.

That’s where iGaming marketing and content localization expertise comes into the picture. If you want to succeed in a new market, you need to speak a language your audience can relate to. Cultural norms can vary, and a witty joke that strikes a chord with UK players might not go down as well in Sweden, for instance. And these cultural nuances are likely to get even more pronounced as you enter markets on other continents.

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