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Dead-eye marketing – better
shoot good!

Dead-eye marketing – better
shoot good!

5 Most Genuine Marketing Campaigns


Marketing is the New Hunt

Marketing is as much of an art as it’s a science. If you want to ‘hunt’ big… well, not just big… Really-really big, be creative, my dear friend!

You should know that if you aim for perfect marketing target ads, best SMM and constant customer engagement, the so-called ‘pure marketing’ won’t work. A ‘big game’ means a big scale. Big scale leads to a bigger action – a marketing campaign, which, in its turn, demands a good context. Now, the context… well, everything needs a context. Products need a context, the SM world does, markets and marketing, “hunters” and “targets”, and finally, people… people need context.

And the amazing part is that best marketing campaigns having their catchy context and direct engagement sometimes shoots like a dead-eye cowboy and misses no targets.

Now let’s talk about 5 of those incredible dead-eye marketing campaigns genuinely managed in recent years.



In 2016 during US Presidential Elections in a heated political environment, when opposing parties would butt heads and hold their ground killing the concept of ‘compromise’, all airline brands used to avoid any negative tones in their marketing campaigns. Only one Airline company, JetBlue Airways, touched upon the sore subject and used it for brand messaging purposes. The video campaign-ad shows how a JetBlue representative offers passengers a “free ticket to anywhere”, in return, challenging them to compromise on one thing – the whole plane had to decide anonymously on one destination, and after some back-and-forth the passengers voted for Costa Rica and got their free tickets.




A few years ago Flo, the fictional salesperson character, pushed the insurance ad-culture on another level. Here’s the important part of her approach: quality matters, so, sometimes, does quantity.

The strategy was to shoot 100 ads for American Progressive Corporation. The idea was created and implemented by Arnold Worldwide, an advertising agency in Boston and Massachusetts, being a part of Havas.




Another amazing marketing campaign was the remarkable “Marlboro Man”, which is a perfect prime example of currently trendy ‘modern lifestyle marketing’.

The previous marketing campaigns and ads of Marlboro were way more mid-mannered, while the “Marlboro Man” is a solid, strong, sharp approach with a quintessential representation of a cowboy.

The campaign served the aim of popularizing filtered cigarettes among men.

It worked exceptionally well, considering the fact that Marlboro became the world’s top-selling brand of cigarettes in 1972.

The “Marlboro Man” marketing campaign also led to an argument-position proving that men are equally susceptible to appearances as women are.




Chipotle regards traditional marketing as irrelevant for its needs, so it comes up with genius marketing solutions.

Chipotle launched “Back to the Start” campaign in 2011, that is represented via an animated 2-minute-long ad-film, created by Creative Artists Agency. The story tells about a pig farmer’s raising and breeding pigs and his journey that “starts” from running a big scale industrialized homestead for the production, and “ends” with him realizing that he needs to use more-sustainable and humane.

Initially it wasn’t intended to become a TV ad, being introduced as an online video. But as Chief Marketing Officer Mark Crumpacker noted, “…Such a great reception online that Chipotle decided to buy media around…”

“Back to the Start” also went viral on movie theaters being shown altogether 5,700 times.




And the last but not least; Burger King commenced a very effective though quite aggressive marketing campaign called “Burn that Ad”. The campaign aims at ‘burning down the rivals’. Well, the King’s fire is, surely, not of a physical kind, but more of a virtual, that is you can ‘burn’ rival fast food ads and get a free Whopper in return.

Burger King app turns you into a real ‘arsonist’… well, definitely a hungry one.




Now let’s confirm, one, obv  ious thing; quality SMM, Advertizing, customer Engagement – and Marketing in general – is never due to one particular thing. It is due to the combination of various inseparable factors, including: creative approach, unexpectedness, uniqueness, ability to introduce any matter in an interesting way…
And most, importantly, of the skill to shoot like a dead-eye shooter.
Read more interesting stuff on Marketing world in our next blog.


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