DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING Agency Announces the Launch of iGaming.Deep.Cast

DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING  launched a new product, iGaming.Deep.Cast, to contribute to the iGaming industry’s development worldwide. 

As technology evolves, new and creative iGaming experiences will be developed to elevate the industry’s growth.

Deepcast is an online iGaming directory providing sports and casino daily news for iGaming enthusiasts to follow through the industry. Aside from the daily fresh news, Deepcast offers a large and worthwhile blog section where everyone can take something and, even more, contribute to it, with marketing purposes and future collaboration in mind. The topics vary from cryptocurrency in iGaming to the best iGaming affiliates.


“This project has been on our mind long before we launched it, consistently developing and even criticizing it so that at the end we would have something close to perfect, a reliable channel, not a regular iGaming affiliate,” mentioned Anna Gyulkhasyan, a co-founder of DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING.


The DEEP team has over 10 years of experience in the iGaming marketing sector, knowing back to front both the needs and wants of customers and the solutions of providers. This gave a great advantage of creating a platform where both sides will meet their essentials and continue to hit the jackpot. 


“Since the iGaming industry has always been my passion, DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING gave me the opportunity to put all my knowledge and experience into creating an original product that will solve the issues all industry specialists ever have at some point of their career, no matter whether it’s marketing or CRM,” noted Nancy Avakian, the product owner.  


The founders proudly mentioned that only highly professional specialists worked on this project, putting a lot of effort, time, and knowledge into every piece of content they published. “The iGaming.Deep.Cast differentiates from other platforms by always offering double-checked news, proficient strategies, and localized content for each and every region, along with a detailed consideration of different markets’ needs, regulations, and more, making us so proud of our product, also mentioned Sona, the co-founder of DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING.


“I have always believed that everything succeeds if you dream big, work hard, and invest time and knowledge. And now the team is on that way, finally seeing the rewards of months of hard work,” said Avakian.


“This is just the beginning of the industry’s evolution, we aim to ease the processes of iGaming operators by creating SaaS tools,” noted the co-founder. With an ever-growing consumer base, the iGaming sector is well-positioned for long-term success and evolution.


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