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Defeat coronavirus: Top 5 online
meeting and web conference tools

Defeat coronavirus: Top 5 online
meeting and web conference tools

With the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its noticeable outcomes on the global economy and marketing, many companies try to adapt to the situation by remote working. To maintain efficiency and communication among team members and international partners, most businesses choose to do online meetings and conferences through different video call apps. However, despite the wide variety of web conference tools, it’s pretty hard to find those that are either completely free or have flexible payment options. To save you time and effort in finding the best free online conference tool, here’s a list of five awesome tools that you can try right now.​ 



GoToMeeting is one of the most popular web conferencing tools out there. While having both flexible prices as well as a free option, GoToMeeting provides a wide variety of features like audio and video conference calls, screen-sharing along with mobile-friendly conference experience all in one platform. The main downside of GoToMeeting is that their free plan includes only audio conferencing feature, which is also limited to 3 people. Nevertheless, despite its limitations in the free plan, GoToMeeting is an ideal option for small teams, who want to do a quick online meeting. 


• Audio/ Video Calls

• Screen Sharing

• Mobile Friendliness


• Free Plan includes only Audio Calls

• Video calls are limited to some paid options



Zoom is another well-known online meeting tool, which offers both free and paid plans. Compared to GoToMeeting, Zoom has cheaper paid plans with whole a lot of features like active speaker view, dual-stream for dual screens, and full-screen views. As for their basic plan, it offers 40 minutes of conferencing with up to 3 participants. Meanwhile, with an affordable upgraded plan, businesses can have an unlimited number of participants, meetings and video calls with a variety of robust features. One more advantage is that one on one meetings are not limited to any particular time duration.


• Free Trial

• User-Friendly

• Affordable Plans with Unlimited Features


• Free Plan Offers Limited Time and Participants

• Additional upgraded features are included in paid plans


Cisco Webex



Owned and developed by networking giant like Cisco, Webex is on the high ranks among best web conference software programs, along with being of the originals. Like other conferencing tools, it includes both paid and free plans, but the latter has so much to offer that you probably won’t look at the rest. Webex’s free plan offers to host up to 50 participants with a 40 minutes limit on the call while allowing HD video quality, screen sharing, and up to 1GB of file storage. Impressive right? As you can see, the only limitation on the free plan is the conference duration; however, it should be long enough for holding brief conferences and calls. Overall, it’s an ideal option for businesses that look for secure and quality online meeting experiences. 


• A full-fledged free plan

• Up to 50 participants

• HD video, screen sharing

• 1GB of cloud storage


• 40 minute limit on meetings

• Additional advanced features are included on paid plans





The next video chat tool needs no introduction. Being one of the earliest software programs on the market, Skype is also of the most known tools in the world. It provides a multi-platform online solution for video conferencing, with free calls among Skype subscription holders. This Microsoft’s video chat software offers different subscriptions and a large number of cool features like group video meetings, call recordings and subtitles, screen sharing, HD videos, a Skype number and much more within different devices. Besides that, it offers free unlimited calls and video chats up to 50 participants. The main disadvantage of Skype is that it requires users to sign up and download the software to use its services.


• Free Unlimited Audio Calls Within Skype Subscribers

• Up to 50 Participants During Video Calls

• Free Screen Sharing and Blur

• 1 Month of Free Trial


• Advances features are unlocked for paid subscribers

• Requires users to sign up and download the software


Google Hangouts



As we all know, Google has a wide range of different applications, tools, and Google Hangouts is yet another app solution offered by this tech giant. Integrated into Google+ and Gmail, Google Hangouts includes various features like free audio and video calls (up to 10 participants), screen sharing, meeting recordings, text & voice messages and all that for free. Meanwhile, the paid options, the starting price of Google Hangouts only costs $5 for 30 GB of storage, plus other features and only double for unlimited storage. Moreover, in response to the spread of COVID-19, Google recently made the premium version of Hangouts Meet completely free to help companies with remote working. So if your company has a G-Suite and is looking for an online conference tool, then Google Hangouts is an ideal option. 


• Free audio/ video calls (Up to 10 participants)

• A Wide Variety of Features for Free

• Affordable Pricing Plans


• Requires to have Gmail or G-Suite

• Upgraded features are Included in the Paid Version

6. BONUS TOOL: Krisp


While the last tool is not exactly a video chat software, but it definitely makes your online meeting experience much better. If you continually struggle with background noises during your calls, then Krisp is for you. With one click of a button, this AI-based technology will cancel all the background noises, improve the sound quality while making your web conferencing experience much better. Using the app to remove noise coming from others to you is completely free of charge, but if you want to remove your background noises, then you need to upgrade your plan to Krisp Premium ($20/month or $120 a year). Of course, like many other tools, there’s a 14-day trial with no credit card required. 

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are a bunch of different online meeting and web conferencing tools out there, most of which are great for remote working. From GoToMeeting, Skype or Google Hangouts, most web conferencing tools include both free and paid options in addition to a wide range of useful features. Make your final choice based on your features’ preferences, company size and budget, or even with the lack of it since most of them offer a free plan. And lastly, take care of yourself and stay connected to your employees while going remote with the help of online meeting tools.


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