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Facebook algorithm changes 2020:
here’s what to expect

Facebook algorithm changes 2020:
here’s what to expect

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Universally, about 1.66 billion users are logging into Facebook every day, which makes this large-scale social networking site, an influential platform for many marketers and brands. If you were following social media updates, you probably know that Facebook made many changes to its algorithm over the years while impacting how businesses reach their audience and how specialists develop their Facebook marketing strategies for better results. In fact, nowadays, it’s pretty hard to beat Facebook’s algorithm if you don’t follow its trends and updates. To help you with that, we created a list of Facebook algorithm 2020 trends and changes you need to know if you want to develop a powerful Facebook marketing strategy for your business.

High-Quality Engaging Content

As we mentioned before, Facebook’s algorithm changes all the time, and recently the platform made a change to the algorithm so that it now pays a lot of attention to the content quality. As a result, Facebook’s algorithm focuses more on showing content from friends or connections rather than businesses because the platform wants to put a greater emphasis on bringing quality content to its users. Besides, a major Facebook 2020 is going to be interactive content, like quizzes, polls or posts of similar types. With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can create plenty of poor quality interactive posts only to develop lots of engagement. Instead, you need to focus on creating interactive posts with high-quality, entertaining content in a reasonable amount so that you won’t spam your followers. 

High-Quality Engaging Content fb algorithm

Limited Ads on Facebook

Another significant change in 2020 Facebook updates is that the company is going to limit the number of ads you can run simultaneously. Facebook announced that it is implementing ad limitations because high ad quantity may influence its performance and success. As explained by the company, when you have too many ads running at the same time, fewer ads leave the learning stage while more budget is spent before the system optimizing your ads productivity. Moreover, Facebook also mentioned that this ad limitation is not going to affect everybody, but only a small percentage of pages, which are going to be implemented starring sometime in mid-2020. Meanwhile, to avoid all this and be prepared, it’s always better to prioritize your most valuable ads as you start planning your Facebook campaign for 2020.

facebook algorithms change Limited Ads on Facebook

Management & Analytics in Creative Studio

Since its first launch, Facebook continually updated the tools of Creative Studio while helping marketers and businesses track the engagement of their content both on Facebook and Instagram. Recently the company added several new features on Creative Studio, providing brands more insight into the content’s traffic sources and user interaction habits with their content. This means that you can now see exactly where your video views are coming from including shares, followers, paid traffic, etc. as well as information on how long people are watching your videos. With these new features, brands can access a lot of valuable information and use it for improving their Facebook content strategy in 2020. 

FB algorithms change Management & Analytics in Creative Studio

Video Content and Live Videos

Since we are talking about Creative Studio and its importance, it is only right to touch upon the potential of video content while creating a better Facebook strategy in 2020. During the last few years, live videos and video content, in general, started to gain more influence throughout all social media platforms. Keeping up with this trend, Facebook developed Creative Studio, which further increased the potential of video content. In fact, the last Facebook algorithm updates started to focus more on live videos and quality videos that are lengthy and can be entertaining for the users. 

Moreover, Facebook’s 2020 algorithm changes put specific emphasis on live videos, because they are a great way to create original content, especially because they get 6 times more interaction than regular videos. Thus, if you want to beat the Facebook algorithm in 2020, you need to create quality video content, preferably longer than 3 minutes as well as focus on frequently posting engaging live videos for your audience.

facebook algorithms change

More Decline of Organic Reach 

If you were following social media updates, you probably know that organic reach has faced a major decline throughout different social media platforms including Facebook, and it’s going to expand more in 2020. In addition to that, posts with few likes and shares will not be visible in the news feed, and pages overall are going to have less organic reach and engagement. This means that in order to beat the Facebook algorithm in 2020, one thing you can do is create interactive content that will easily generate organic engagement. Moreover, keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm now pays a lot of attention to comments and their quality, so it’s always better to create an interesting post which can make people comment on it. 

Bonus tip: Once you’ve created an interactive post, keep an eye on the comment section and ALWAYS reply to the user comments because it generates more traffic and brand awareness. 

facebook algorithms change Organic Reach 

Increase of Facebook Ads and Transparency 

While Facebook’s organic reach is declining further, ads are gaining more popularity among marketers and businesses who want to reach large audiences in a short time. Generally speaking, Facebook ads show better ROI’s and overall content performance, so it’s no surprise that they are going to be more prominent in 2020. However, if you consider using Facebook ads, you need to know that they are becoming more transparent than ever. It’s because Facebook recently introduced a new Ad disclosure feature which lets users see how exactly some advertisers target them. 

In fact, they can track how their information got to advertisers, whether they’re on a customer list or their information was provided by third-party apps and much more. This new feature is part of Facebook’s effort in spreading transparency on the platform. As a result, users can now use this information to control who can target them and even remove some advertisers. This is something you should always have in mind, especially if you’re running an ad in 2020 with purchased data. 

Facebook Ads and Transparency algorithms change

Marketing with Facebook Groups

During the 2019’s F8 conference, it was announced that according to user behavior, Facebook groups are going to become more valuable for marketing in 2020. It is due to the potential of organic reach generated by Facebook groups. Wonder how? It’s easy, there’s so much you can do with groups, like starting a discussion about the topics that matter to your audience, sharing informative content, or simply entertaining them. All of these actions can generate engagement and interaction while gathering many different people in one place. In fact, Facebook is so concentrated on groups that the company even ran an ad during the Super Bowl 2020, about which you can read here. 

What is more, Facebook is now testing ads on groups, which will grow their potential immensely. Facebook group ads will help marketers reach wide audiences with similar interests much easier and more effectively. So if you’re planning a Facebook marketing strategy for 2020, definitely consider including Facebook groups as well, because they are going to get big this year. 

facebook groups algorithms change

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Facebook has a lot to offer in 2020, and regardless of regular algorithm changes, there are always ways to beat them and succeed. All you need to do is to create valuable, engaging content that can generate organic reach, but which can also be easily boosted with Facebook ads. Besides, focus on creating lengthy videos, live streamings and monitoring their performance through Creator Studio. Start conversations with your audience, reply to them and experiment with Facebook groups. Other than that, don’t forget to be as authentic and creative as possible. 

If you need help with Facebook marketing, we’re here to help you. Trust your business to experienced marketers who are ready to develop a powerful marketing strategy for your brand. Contact us for more information.


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