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Finding the right branding
agency: key steps to follow

Finding the right branding
agency: key steps to follow

It is no news that having a full brand image is one of the key aspects when it comes to building a successful company. That’s because strong branding can establish recognition, build trust towards the brand, and be the key to lifetime success. Meanwhile, poor branding can fail your company image forever. To avoid the latter, it’s highly important to choose a branding agency that will make your brand (remarkable/ successful) everlasting.

Now comes a question – But how to know if it’s THE ONE?

If you’re a newborn company looking for a creative branding agency, here are the key steps to follow.

1. First and foremost: define your needs and objectives

Before approaching any kind of branding agency, first of all, write down a list of goals and needs you have for your brand. Clearly defined objectives will help your future creative agency to understand your brand better and create a stronger message for it. It will also help them to establish measurable performance indicators for you and them.

Defining business goals and objectives

However, you should always keep in mind that your defined goals and expectations need to be realistic. Meaning that you should understand, creating a strong brand image and identity takes time and effort. Perhaps, it will be helpful to divide your goals into two categories, such as short-term and long-term goals. This way, you can identify your priorities of the moment from what you want to achieve in the long run with your brand.

2. Conduct a research

Now that you have your set goals, it’s time to conduct research on branding agencies for your brand. First of all, go to Google and search for example, ‘branding agencies near me.’ The chances are that you will end up finding hundreds of creative agencies, but your goal is to find the right for you. Take a thorough look at several results by visiting their website, reading their about page and their story. This way you will understand each agency’s vision and culture and eventually narrow down your choices on two or one.

business research

Another great alternative is to hire a branding agency from a different country than yours. It’s good to remember that in the age of technology and the internet, hiring an international creative agency is just as efficient and simple as to do it on the local market. Let us showcase. Say you’re a new company located in Ireland or Los Angeles and looking for a creative or branding agency in Armenia, you can simply search ‘branding agency in Armenia’ on Google and do your creative agency research among Armenian results.

3. Go through previous works

The next step for finding your ideal branding agency is to go through previous works of your potential agency. Most agencies have a portfolio page on their website where they showcase the prior works for other clients. A portfolio check is one of the main steps because it helps you understand not only their vision and mindset but also have some idea on how they work and what experience they have.

branding agency in armenia portfolio

One important tip to look for in any agency portfolio is consistency and high-quality regardless of the industry.  Next is to understand how they emphasize brand authenticity and message and how much it corresponds to a brand purpose. If you see consistency in quality, and if you like their style of previous branding projects, then now you’re 99% percent closer to your final choice.

4. Finalize your choice and Book an appointment

finalizing goals for branding agency in yerevan

The last step is consequently, the finalization process. Now that you know what to look for in your perfect branding agency, it is time to see who gets the most points of becoming the one agency for creating your company’s new identity. The best way to finalize your decision is to understand and evaluate which agency’s mindset, vision, and portfolio quality is more applicable to your company’s brand image and your own visionary expectations. Lasly, once you choose your branding agency, contact them and book an appointment with them.


Choosing a branding agency is not an easy task. As it’s one of the most important aspects when building a successful company, it’s necessary to know how to make a final decision wisely. Now let’s revise all the key steps one more time.

First and foremost, you need to define your goals so that your future agency will know what to work on. Then you make a research on potential local and national branding agencies, including how they work and what is their mindset. Next, you go through portfolio quality checkup and finally make your choice based on the combination of all the significant elements. Now that process seems so much easier, right? Good luck on your journey!


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