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Google announces core updates | June 2019

Google announces core updates | June 2019

All Tweets are created equal; some just have impact on our lives.

Google Updates

Let’s make one thing clear… well, actually, two things:

  1. Google updates its search engine algorithms on daily bases, which means this isn’t the first time they’re updating the algorithms.
  2. No matter what updates take place, Google’s mission is to show the most relevant results on the first page. This means that you should always focus on being clear and clean, providing no copy content and no confusing articles.


Whenever Google announces something similar, the “SEO World” goes panicking and making a fuss, as if the updates will make things worse, or will support the black hat world. Here you can find a summary of the fuss as the updates started rolling out.

What is needed?

We all know the techniques of finding a good article and rephrasing it in a way that it shows 100% uniqueness. But that doesn’t work in a way you expect, believe us, it works only just fine nothing more. Your rankings will never get to the top.

Google has been doing this for over 20 years. Its algorithms can find the original topic around a certain keyword and chain of keywords and get that article to be the trusted source of that topic and rank as #1.

If you’re an expert in your field and you know what you’re doing, then you should always come up your own content. Create it based on your experience and share it with the world.

And as we’re fully aware of above mentioned, our content is unique. To make sure that it’s true, we go and check it via a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism Checker

Devil in the Details

Obviously, knowing all the technical part and the details is an advantage, therefore there are SEO experts who can do the job for you. In our experience we’ve seen websites that missed all the check boxes of SEO audits. Somehow they’ve been ranking more than just “great” for their main keywords. This is due to having truly unique content.

To know more about the details and the technical parts of SEO you need to study them and become a real ‘digger’-expert in the field. One can’t expect to know everything upfront. You have to actually do the job, fail, fail again and then somehow succeed.


The updates are still unknown, and might stay unknown to the masses (since Google updates its algorithms almost every day, and most of them remain unknown or unnoticed). But a genuine website must have a genuine content. Just as Uncle Ben said, with great website comes great content. Be responsible for creating your own content.

NOTE: One more update that was noticed, is the June 2019 Android Security Updates Pixel Devices.


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