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How to create an iGaming
marketing strategy for Africa

How to create an iGaming
marketing strategy for Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, with a significant young population. The potential for becoming the world’s leading iGaming market is huge, and it’s worth starting your betting and online casino marketing strategy right now. So Deep Agency has come up with the latest in iGaming marketing, telling you how to position yourself in Africa, step by step!

1. Do market research

Research makes up a critical part of your marketing strategy. Collecting information about your market, such as its legal environment, growth trends, and demographics is all you need to get started.

Today, entering the African iGaming industry is easier than ever as many countries in the continent introduce laws that clearly regulate gambling. Concerning demographics, over 50% of the African population is under 25, meaning there’s much potential for lead generation. Besides, men in Africa gamble about twice as much as women. 

As smartphone ownership increases in Africa, mobile sports betting and internet gambling attract many, with over 75% of all online wagers placed using mobile devices.

2. Create a customer profile

Your market research can help you come up with an ideal customer profile. Here you’ll identify their interests, pain points, and buying patterns.

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling across Africa. And European football leagues, such as Premier League, Serie A, and LaLiga, appeal to most young gamblers. Through local culture, cricket, rugby, and horse racing also have a solid following.

Live dealer games are another favorite pastime of Africans, and you should promote the following:

• Blackjack – fast and fun gameplay is guaranteed

• Roulette – a popular gambling choice. Easy to play and exciting

• Poker – still competitive and engaging across the globe

3. Build strategies to aid your marketing goals

Online casinos and betting websites can have various goals. And as a leading iGaming marketing agency, Deep has cooked up the very best piece of advice for you!

multichannel vs omnichannel

Omnichannel solution 

An omnichannel solution brings your customers a consistent and well-structured experience across all of your channels. In whatever way customers interact with your brand, be it on mobile or desktop, they get the same experience. So, while through the multichannel option, companies decide what solution best suits customers’ needs, the omnichannel experience offers your prospects to choose a medium they are most comfortable with.

As you can see, the omnichannel solution is customer-centric, making it applicable to the iGaming industry. It goes without saying that omnichannel gives gamblers convenience, allowing them to get immersed in the playing experience. With omnichannel, players remain on your platform whether they are gambling on the desktop or mobile version.

SMS marketing

You’ll be stunned by the number of people you can reach in Africa at the lowest cost possible using SMS. In addition, you get a high-speed communication medium that is also tailored to the consumer’s behaviors. Needless to say, mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s daily life, with the average person picking up their device at least 60 times daily.

4. Digital marketing

Customer engagement is key to converting more leads! And crafting an ideal digital marketing strategy is the first step!

Content marketing

Storytelling is in humans’ DNA, and people are hard-wired to trust those who tell persuasive ones. What sets content marketing apart from traditional approaches is the content is highly relevant and tailored to the interests and needs of the consumer.

In fact, 91% of all companies worldwide used content marketing in 2019, reports Statista. Besides, excitingly the same study discovered that almost half of marketers spent below $10,000 on content marketing, with the approach among the most affordable ones.

Trust your content marketing to a leading digital marketing agency, and you’ll get deposits and new players in no time! Contact us now!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Concerning SEO, there’re 2 paths you’ll need to work on: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is about producing high-quality content to boost your rankings. This approach has various components, from using the most searched keywords to ensuring proper meta tags.

Meanwhile, off-page SEO concerns the efforts you put into optimization off of your website. From using backlinks to striking up relationships and producing content people want to share, it’s well worth the effort to work on off-page SEO.

Everyone wants to rank high. But cooperating with the best iGaming SEO Agency is the only sure road to getting on the first page of Google. 

SMM (Social Media Marketing) 

Using modern sports betting and casino marketing solutions is essential to meeting market demand for iGaming services. And SMM is a cornerstone for promoting products and services cost-effectively.

Aside from popular SMM mediums such as Facebook and Instagram, there’s an ambitious and secure platform gaining more and more followers daily. That’s Telegram. In January 2021, the messaging service had more than half a billion active users, and the figure is predicted to grow in the future.

About Deep Agency

With much experience in crafting online casino marketing strategies, Deep Agency is the number one destination for communicating your message to the world. Excitingly, Deep Agency has been recognized among the 15 best iGaming marketing agencies thanks to its proven record of turning traffic into sustainable playing by Influencer Marketing Hub.


So don’t miss out on working with the world’s best iGaming marketing company, and talk to us now!


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