How to create perfect relationships with the players in the iGaming industry

It is well known that the tasks of the support team include only interaction with users and solving technical problems. But not everyone knows that these specialists also participate in multiple processes within the company.

Employees of the support service in iGaming marketing receive many requests from users, so they know how players feel about the project, what they like and what they don’t like, and what changes they expect. All this information is transferred to departments where specialists are engaged in creating the product. Then the support service receives feedback from other departments’ employees regarding what will be included in the proposal and what will not. This interaction helps online casino websites to quickly respond to the players’ requests and maintain a dialogue with them.


Response speed:



The speed of response is the first thing evaluated and what every client pays attention to. At this stage, the player’s attitude towards the project and its developers is formed.

As a rule, support services respond within a day, some please with answers within a few hours. The worst option is when you can contact support only from Monday to Friday during working hours.

It is especially sad to receive an automatic message on request that the support service is not working now.


Communication channels and their convenience



Is it easy to report your problem or do you have to go through the survey forms to contact support?

As a rule, the “Write in support” button is already inside the game, which is convenient. There are also often options “Contact the agent on the game site” or “Contact by mail”. Ideal option — when all communication with the agent can be carried out within the game (for example, in chat).

Discomfort is caused by “switching” from the game to the mail, additional filling of the survey fields, the need to register and specify pin-codes, and the absence of a return message about the acceptance of the application. In some cases, answering according to the prepared template, especially for the very first appeal, customers could put a minimum of information about the case.

Once more, this shows the client that you genuinely care about not only their suggestions or ideas but also that the casino portal shows an ongoing dedication to client care. Additionally, customer support should endeavor to put the player’s ideas or suggestions into practice as quickly as feasible if they appear logical and practical.


Availability of competent FAQ



The FAQ section, also known as “Frequently Asked Questions”, has existed on the web for a very long time and is a special help section of a site, web portal, social network or application. Its goal is to provide early answers to possible questions from visitors. 

Sometimes any problem can be solved independently, but the player will know about it only if.

    а) FAQ is detailed and understandable;

    b) FAQ  is easy to find.

FAQ makes life easier for resource administrators by eliminating the need to repeatedly answer typical questions. Many companies usually have well-written FAQs, however, sometimes they are difficult to find, or filled with unuseful questions and issue samples.


Use of proper templates according to the case



Responding with the use of templates follows that the client most often receives in response information that is not related to his concern, and the player’s loyalty decreases. It is especially awkward to receive an automatic response in the spirit of “Thank you for the feedback” when the purpose of the feedback is far from feedback.

Formal answers, answers based on templates are very annoying — this creates a feeling of disinterest and demotivation in the player, reducing the importance of his problem. Often, in stressful situations, support offers compensation in-game currency, but against the background of template answers, such a solution makes the client feel as if they want to buy him off, not wanting to deal with his question.


The quality of support work in relation to vip and non vip players



It is logical that there should be a priority, but it is embarrassing that the “write and close” approach to the players who don’t have vip statusis more common. The loyalty of demo players is as important as the loyalty of a paying user. Everyone has the opportunity to write a bad review in the store and rate the app one, as well as raise waves of negativity in social networks.

This analysis of the support market made by DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING shows that many online casino websites still have space to develop. The quality of the service provided by the support service is ultimately determined by the most important parameter – user satisfaction and good mood, and not just speed.

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