SEO for iGaming. How to create high-quality backlinks for the iGaming industry

Since there are more and more online casinos available, marketers must be knowledgeable about iGaming marketing nuances and casino SEO. The iGaming industry demands a unique set of SEO strategies. It is one of the most competitive industries and contains some of the most popular categories, including sports betting, online casinos, virtual sports, and lotteries.


Link building is an essential component of SEO for the iGaming industry. Gaining backlinks from trustworthy websites will help you build a solid link profile and increase your chances of appearing on search engine first pages.

Since so many casino affiliates are competing for high-authority links that would elevate their brand in the search results, here link building is not an easy task. Like keyword research, link building entails various methods and the development of a road plan for the links you hope to acquire. 

Where can you find good links? What are the most effective link-building tactics for the iGaming sector? What are the benefits? What makes a link high-quality? In this blog, we’ll attempt to respond to these questions and more. 


What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link that leads from one website to another. The greater the number of websites linking to your site, the more trustworthy it will be and the higher it will be indexed.

Backlinks, whether they come from link-building tactics or come naturally, are seen by Google as another website “vouching” for the value and reliability of your website. This is crucial, especially in iGaming and casino businesses.


Benefits of Casino Link Building

Building quality links can aid in search engines recognizing your website as one of quality when used in conjunction with
on-page SEO strategies. Creating a practical strategy for building excellent backlinks is crucial for your search marketing campaign. Here are the possible benefits that casino link building can bring you.


  1. More traffic

Driving traffic to your casino is the first thing casino link building can achieve for you. When a trustworthy gambling-related website links to you, it increases traffic. Additionally, customers that access the casino through a reliable website will be real gamblers. As a result, your company will likewise grow. 


  1. Build trust with your audience!

In the game, link building is partly about earning your audience’s confidence. Obtaining quality backlinks from reliable websites and blogs can help build trust. It is possible to contact these reputable websites manually. You might request high-quality backlinks from an excellent gambling or online casino-related website. Working with these websites and blogs will also increase your credibility.


  1. Improve Brand Awareness

With the help of the iGaming link-building strategy, you can expand your brand. Quality backlinks will increase your visibility and help you build your brand. Traffic will organically grow, and more people will be aware of your casino website. 



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How to Build High-Quality Casino Backlinks


Developing an iGaming backlinking strategy that works for your business is the first step in following the best practices for casino backlinks.

Let’s together examine the best link-building strategy so your iGaming company will grow when it comes to high-quality backlinking.


The Relevance of the Page

In iGaming marketing, the audience should be viewed as the primary factor. Think about the types of pages that will interest your audience: What subjects do they like to read about? Which story would have them pressing the bookmark button on their web browser more quickly than a poker player?

Once this component has been found, most of the work is involved in determining which material should be linked to your website. Depending on the segment of the target audience your website actively seeks, you might place your content on game guides, strategy pages, or odds-tipping websites.


Website Authority

Several SEO tools provide data about the website’s authority metric. Indications that guarantee a website is an authoritative source are used to determine website authority.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every connection is made equally. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing to account for links in different ways. The Google bots will categorize the link leading to your website following their understanding of the worth of an iGaming website.


Type of Linking Page

Variety is the key and the most acceptable way to spice up your backlinking strategy.

Link variety is essential for boosting ranking. It won’t matter if your links come from a blog, an iGaming news site, a chat site, a forum, or an affiliate website. Consistently obtaining links from the same types of websites will hurt your SERP positioning.

Best Practices for Casino Backlinks

What is the best method to practice these brilliant backlinking techniques now that we understand how to build high-quality casino backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the keys to ranking higher on Google as an iGaming operator or casino affiliate; therefore, it depends on how you implement these techniques.


Start Writing Guest Posts

Create guest posts that can be published on various websites focusing on your sector. Links to your website can be placed in both the bio and the body copy.

Hire a ghostwriter to write your guest posts if you lack the time, energy, or expertise to produce top-notch material. Just make sure your writer has extensive iGaming knowledge and can offer a wise viewpoint on a chosen casino or sportsbook issue.

It all comes down to finding a fresh perspective on a subject.


Create Shareable Content

For backlinking, social media is an excellent place to start. You may share your content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin; if it’s good, your followers will likely reshare it with an even larger audience.

You may learn more about the queries people are posing in your sector using websites like Quora. You might find new perspectives on current topics through this technique. 


Link from Casino Podcasts or Videos

Podcasts are fantastic. When you don’t feel like picking up a book or reading an internet article about the industry, these are ideal for listening to (or watching), even though they are far from the typical best on-page iGaming SEO approaches.

They also include show notes, an excellent way to link the podcast and videos (each hosted on a different platform, respectively) to your website. This adds some traditional diversity to your backlinking strategy, strengthening it overall.


iGaming Link Building Mistakes to Avoid



Buying casino PBNs

This strategy comes with a growing risk. For some people, it’s still a possibility, and the price will probably be far less than those from reliable sources. In general, sponsored links on actual, thoroughly-researched websites cost a little more, but they perform better and have a reduced penalty risk.


Mismatching your strategy with your budget & business size

Unfortunately, Google negatively perceives casino websites as having low-quality websites. This means that regardless of the size of your business, it’s critical to spend a reasonable sum of money on casino link-building services for your website. It will be more difficult for tiny businesses to compete with bigger websites that are already well-established on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Not paying enough attention to anchor text profile

Your anchor text profile is a list of all the backlinks indicating your website and the anchor text that has been used. Instead of relying on generic “best practices,” take the time to research the profiles of your top competitors and shape your anchor text strategy after them.


Having No-follow Links

Nofollow links are not useful for helping Google rank your website in the search results, according to Google. Despite Google’s claim that they mostly disregarded no-follow tags, you should focus on obtaining do-follow links if you’re trying to acquire links. You can easily focus on do-follow forums for that purpose.



If you want to rank highly in the SERPs, finding, identifying, and generating quality links is crucial; therefore, knowing what to look for and how to get started is important.

So, maintain your focus, consider these suggestions, and create high-quality backlinks that will set your business apart from the others in this quickly expanding online betting sector.


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