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Logo styles that still look
trendy in 2020

Logo styles that still look
trendy in 2020

  1. Logo Simplification & Flat Design

logo trends 2020 Simplification & Flat Design

If you were following design trends throughout the last several years, you have probably noticed that one of the biggest trends in the design world was, and still is, the simplification of logo designs. In addition to logo simplification, many designs also started to become flattered and less structured while replacing the former 3D textured structure. Both logo trends were quite impactful on the design world with many giant brands implementing them in their logo designs. Big corporations like MasterCard, AirBnB, Dropbox, etc. have used these techniques and simplified their iconic logos while making them more minimal and contemporary. Both logo simplification and flat design are such dominant design directions that they don’t go out of trend for already few years and are still relevant in 2020 logo trends. 

2. Font Composition Logos 

logo trends 2020 Font Composition Logos 

Font compositions are probably one of the most common design elements in logo designs that simply don’t go out of date. In fact, most iconic brands and companies have font composition logos, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, FedEx, Disney and many more. These types of logos are typically bold, memorable and always somehow modern. They are usually very flexible, therefore also interesting to experiment with. Besides, when combined with creative imagination, one can turn them into unique logo designs that beautifully represent the brand and its ideology. Therefore, it is always safe to consider them as logo designs as they are forever trendy and have an endless potential for development and creativity. 

3. Font Destruction in Logo designs

logo trends 2020 Font Destruction in Logo designs

When speaking of font composition logos, it would just be wrong not to talk about font destruction in logos, because they are one of the biggest design trends of the last decade. Font destruction is basically the action of distorting the font from its original look or font elements and giving it a unique design on its own. This technique became especially popular in the last couple of years. Many designers started to experiment with font destruction and implemented it in logo designs, which took the logo design into a whole new level. What is more, during the last several years, many big brands redesigned their logos while using the font destruction technique. Some of the best examples of logo font destruction are the logos of Rare Digital, WSP Global, Visible by Pentagram and many more. These logos are so trendy because of their simplicity, uniqueness, and modern look. So if you want to create an exclusive logo design that can look trendy in 2020 and still be original, then you should definitely go for font destructed logo design. 

4. Imperfect Logo Design & Chaotic Arrangement

logo trends 2020 Chaotic Arrangement

Another major design direction that came into view in the last couple of years is the imperfect looking logo design. This trend is quite interesting because logo design created in this style typically look sketchy, raw or somewhat unfinished and yet they don’t look abnormal; they seem modern. In addition to that, they are often accompanied by chaotically arranged elements like letters, patterns or other visuals. The combination of both might sound unusual, but if done right, this type of logos can turn out to be major brand triumphs. It is mainly because these type of logos differ from typical designs with their abstract and modern concept, while easily differentiating the brand from its competitors.  So if you want to create an eye-catching and unique logo for your brand, this design direction is undoubtedly a good option to consider. 

5. 3D Gradients 

logo trends 2020 Hyper Minimalism


Remember when 4 years ago, Instagram re-branded its old logo with bright gradients and everyone was somewhat skeptical about it?

It might seem that gradients are everywhere noways; however, this trend came into the market about five years ago and had a chance to develop ever since. Back in 2016, when gradients just emerged, they shook the design world with vivid color palettes while nowadays it is the norm. What is more, as they became more popular, designers started to come up with new ideas on how to develop gradients and that’s where 3D gradients came into action. Designers started to use 3D logo design and mixing them gradient color palettes, the combination of which creates beautiful logo designs. 3D logo designs are one of the long-term design directions that continually evolve and impress people with their uniqueness, even in 2020. 

6. Hyper Minimalism & Ultra Thin Lines

logo trends 2020

Minimalism in logo designs has been a quite steady trend for the last few years, as it makes them more sophisticated, polished and clean while keeping them impressive for the modern society. Due to the growing popularity of minimalism and simplicity, many brands started to modernize their logos while getting rid of unnecessary elements and, ornaments in their designs. Besides, as the digital world shifts more and more into the mobile experience and smaller screens, logo designs with lots of extra ornamentation or thick lines look less aesthetic. Meanwhile, thin, clean lines enhance the logo while making it much more modern, elegant and pleasing for the eye. 

7. Emblem Logo Designs 

logo trends 2020 Emblem Logo Designs 

Emblem logos are probably one of the most traditional and universal logotypes of all time. They can be found in all industries around the world, from universities, sports teams, coffeeshops to major car brands. They are pretty much everywhere. Once you’re familiar with this type of logos, it is hard not to recognize one. Some of the most iconic logo examples are Harley Davidson, BMW, Warner Brothers, Starbucks and many more.  

Typically, emblem logos are a combination of text, image and other small design elements. One of the most interesting advantages of emblems is that they give your brand an unusual authority, recognition, and longevity. They somehow make your brand instantly look more trustworthy and classic. What is more, because emblem logos are so impactful and bold, they don’t go out of trend; instead, they are still major design influencers for new logos. 

8. Mascot Logo Design 

logo trends 2020 Mascot Logo Design 

Last but certainly not least, are the Mascot type logos which are no less iconic or trendy than others. Similar to emblem logos, mascot logos are highly traditional and universal. But further discussion about mascot logos, let’s define what are they. Generally, Mascots are illustrated characters that personify brand characteristics and values. They are like brand ambassadors of a business. What is more, because they are usually very unique and memorable, they easily create an emotional attachment to your audience or customer. Some of the most recognizable mascots are from Monopoly, Pringles, KFC logo designs that have a long life history but still look very modern, even in 2020. So if you’re trying to target to families, unite a group of fans, or seem highly influential among your competition, then a mascot logo is perfect for you.


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