Top 9 Social Media Marketing
trends for 2022

A new, extremely interesting, and digital year has arrived, which means it is time to go deep into the Social Media Marketing trends of 2022. Digital communities are only becoming more central to people’s identities, and we are here to unlock them and put them into practice at the right time. 

Have you also noticed that many of the on-platform Facebook ad experiences (lead generation advertising, Messenger ads, etc.) are acting strangely? They’re more powerful than they’ve ever been. With the big pixel fiasco of 2021, it appears that Facebook has done some fancy footwork to make some of its simpler products a lot more effective. Let’s hope the trend keeps up!

We are also looking forward to the next tracks edition, including a more robust Conversions API and an improved pixel. Furthermore, we believe that 2022 will bring in a new era of even lower attention spans, as do we all. 

So let’s get started to see what other trends will reign in the field of SMM.


TikTok Will Become Huge

Ignoring TikTok is impossible in 2022. While Instagram remains the most popular app, TikTok is gaining popularity. TikTok is also the best platform to employ in 2022, given the rise in the popularity of short-form video content. 

TikTok has similarly developed a variety of beneficial tools for businesses, such as advertisements and business profiles, over the last two years. As a result, it’s no longer merely a place for young creators to show their dance talents. 

Overall, it is predicted to become one of the most important venues for marketers to connect with millennials and Generation Z. Moreover, with the establishment of the Creative Center, educational tools have recently been introduced to help marketers in creating campaigns that are natural to the platform. 

In 2022, more resources and tools will be made accessible in order to attract brands to use the platform. And it’s not just in the organic sector. Try using TikToks in your advertising. They’re giving incredible results.

Long story short, TikTok is a game made in heaven when you combine your short-form films with good old-fashioned storytelling. 


Video Content Will Continue to Dominate

smm trends 2022
Video content remains one of the most engaging forms of content. According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. This demonstrates how critical it is to begin employing video content to remain relevant in the social media domain.

Think short if you want to win. People are looking for videos that are simple to watch, informative, and fun. While some may copy the popularity of Reels or TikTok, make no mistake as short, informative, and fun video content is here to stay.

Simply look at the success of Stories, Reels, and TikTok to realize that engaging short-form videos are the current preferred choice of consumers. Now it’s the right time to include them in your social media marketing strategy and, of course, make use of them in your monthly content calendars. And it’s not just in the organic sector. Try using those reels and TikToks in your advertising. They’re doing a fantastic job. It’s a match made in heaven when you combine your short-form films with good old-fashioned storytelling.


Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Skyrocket

Influencer marketing isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s here to stay. Today’s social media is controlled by influencers who are paid astronomical sums to promote brands.

However, not only has the number of influencers on social media increased but so has the amount of money spent on influencer marketing by businesses.

Expect companies and influencers to collaborate on long-term, ongoing projects rather than one-time sponsored postings in 2022. Let’s say you want to take advantage of the influencer marketing trend. In that situation, we advocate establishing packages that you can sell to brands looking for your services, which comprise numerous sponsored posts spread out over a period of time, similar to what they would do with Facebook or other platform ads.


Paid Advertising Will Become a Necessity 

smm trends 2022 paid marketing
While the prospects are expanding, the industry is becoming more competitive, making it increasingly challenging to rely entirely on organic (non-paid) channels to get the traffic you want. Businesses are attracted to buy commercials, and if they’re going to compete in a crowded marketplace, they must comply. 

Here are some PPC trends that will dominate 2022:
• First-Party Data
• Audience Targeting & Segmentation
• Testing
• Diversification
• Responsive Search Ads
• Conversion Tracking

Remember, you can achieve significant success in digital marketing if you understand how it works and optimize it regularly. Paid advertising is never complete.



smm trends 2022 metaverse
According to analysts, metaverses are one of the most promising areas, so attracting finance, users, and brands to them will be highly active. Also, considering Apple’s announcement earlier in 2021 that it will block the ability of Facebook to target a significant segment of its users, it’s key that brands start to look at other platforms. 

So, in order to be the first to capture new worlds, marketers must already “digitize” their items, create 3D models, detect products on Instagram, integrate voice search, and so on. After all, Instagram will soon become a Facebook AR portal, directly connected to augmented reality glasses and tools, and will be freely used to demonstrate, engage with, and distribute NFT material.


Video Leads Organic LinkedIn Marketing 

smm trends 2022 linkedin
LinkedIn can be called the wealthiest social platform in the world. It is also the best place to extend your influence, brand community, and identify quality leads. 

LinkedIn is more favorable to your content than other social platforms because of the clear rules of the game. The more engagement your video has, the longer it will live. LinkedIn popular posts can remain on the top of the news feed for about two weeks! Imagine this on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Impossible, right?

In 2021, LinkedIn launched Creator Mode, which is more than a tool. It encourages and allows people and organizations to make more original content and grow their brand messaging.

Here is what Creator Mode will give you:
• You get the option to post a LinkedIn newsletter to have more visibility for your content.
• You earn access to LinkedIn Live without going through the application process.
• Your profile is remade to a Follow account, and you’re qualified to be featured as a recommended creator to follow.
• A Topics You Post About section is added to your profile in the form of five hashtags, and LinkedIn will highlight your posts and show likes and comments.

Similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok, LinkedIn is expected to offer a short video function as part of Creator Mode. Businesses can use this new video functionality to promote their products and services with short how-to videos and increase LinkedIn user sessions and video marketing effectiveness.


The content becomes more personalized.

2022 will be the year of the sophisticated consumer, who expects personal, exclusive, fast-paced information in a new format. You must place the consumer at the center of every piece of material you post if you want to succeed. And improvements in advertising and work automation will assist you in achieving this goal.

Personalization can take various shapes, but it always boils down to making clients feel valued and appreciated. “People yearn to be acknowledged, to feel as if someone genuinely cares about them.” As a result, whatever effort you make to reach out has a huge impact.”
(David Wachs, founder of Handywrytten, from the GRIN, Gets Real podcast (Ep. 29))

Brands should make it a point to acquire as much data from their audience as possible, such as name, email, age, and so on, in order to deliver a personalized consumer experience as much as possible.


More regulation and security are here.

smm trends 2022
Consumer privacy is one of the most pressing concerns in today’s eCommerce and marketing industries. The most recent development took place in April 2021, when Apple released iOS updates that gave users unparalleled flexibility over who may see and utilize their behavior data.

This is a step in the right way for consumers who want a safer buying and browsing experience. On the other hand, Apple’s new security measures dramatically alter digital marketing best practices for firms.

However, each disruption brings new opportunities, and happily, there are more effective ways to connect with consumers than traditional tracking approaches. Brands that make the necessary changes will gain brand love and customer loyalty.


Facebook ads performance is more effective.

Meta has revealed that audience targeting changes are coming to Facebook ad campaigns.

On the one hand, a high degree of targeting precision supports creating highly personalized experiences, allowing for relevant and valuable user interaction, which shows that Facebook ads performance will be more effective.

Simultaneously, there is growing sensitivity when persons are recognized based on their affiliation with social causes, health issues, or demographic factors.

As a result of this, Facebook is restricting advertising possibilities, making it impossible to target users based on these sensitive criteria, starting on January 19. 

Health causes (e.g., breast cancer awareness).
Sexual orientation (e.g. LGBT).
Religious practices and groups (e.g., Catholic Church ).
Political beliefs, social issues, causes, organizations, or figures (e.g., political party or political candidate).

Also, as mentioned above, privacy-related updates are likely to affect your planning, whether you’re setting Facebook ad campaigns for the strategy of 2022. Make audiences and campaigns ahead of time, if possible, for more precise estimations and plenty of time for testing.

Your Facebook ad campaigns may need additional manual tweaks and optimizations in the near future. You’ll have a far higher chance of gaining the results you want if you plan carefully, listen to the platform’s advice, and keep a close eye on campaign results.


Final Thoughts

Current content marketing trends give us an idea of what the future holds for digital marketing. Brands must vary the types of content they create and how it is used as the internet’s amount grows.

The content becomes more widely accessible as technology improves, and it becomes ever more crucial to marketing tactics. Successful marketers must maintain their finger on the pulse of marketing trends to stay one step ahead of the competition as they plan for the future.


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