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Super bowl 2020 commercials part 2:
The most nemorable ads of this year

Super bowl 2020 commercials part 2:
The most nemorable ads of this year

While Kansas City Chiefs won over San Francisco 49ers during the Super Bowl 2020, and Shakira & Jennifer Lopez amazed everybody with their performance, marketers were focused on the commercials of this year, some of which we have covered in our last blog post. As we promised, in this blog we will continue the discussion of Super Bowl 2020 commercials, and now we are going to talk about a few other remarkable ads from this year that stood out with their interesting idea or concept. So, without further delay, grab a snack and enjoy some of the most remarkable commercials of Super Bowl 2020, including ads from Facebook, Audi, Pringles, and a couple of others. 

Facebook: “Ready to Rock” starring Chris Rock, Sylvester Stallone

Facebook made its first appearance on Super Bowl 2020 with its 60-second ad promoting its Groups feature starring Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone. The spot created by Wieden + Kennedy advertising agency is pretty dynamic and full of action while focusing on the theme of ‘rock’ like rock music, rock climbing, rocking chairs, and much more. This commercial is actually part of Facebook’s year-long campaign called “More Together,” which aims to encourage Facebook users to connect in groups while sharing mutual interests and life experiences.  

Pringles: “Rick & Morty” 

Imagine watching a short episode of “Rick & Morty” as Pringles ad during the second-quarter break of Super Bowl 2020. Sounds cool right? This year Pringles partnered up with the Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty” to create a 30-second ad for the big game. The show’s creators with the help of Grey Group agency created a mini-episode of the series while somewhat joking about Super Bowl commercials and celebrity cameos in them. Other than that, the ad was promoting Pringles’ new stack flavors.

Tide: “LAUNDRY LATER” with Charlie Day

After skipping Super Bowl 2019, Tide returned to this year’s big game with a multi-series campaign with four different commercial spots airing at different times during the game. The storylines of the commercials focused on the storyline of Wonder Woman and Bud Light Knight, where the actor Charlie Day continually keeps putting off cleaning his laundry. The ads were created by agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York, and they marked the official start of Tide’s new campaign called #LaundryLater.  

Snickers: “#SnickersFixtheWorld”

After taking a pretty long break from Super Bowl 2020, Snickers came back to the big game with a 30-second commercial while celebrating two significant anniversaries. First, it’s the 90th anniversary of the snickers bar, and second, it’s the 10th anniversary of their iconic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign from 2010. Snicker’s Super Bowl 2020 commercial includes an original song and jokes about different modern features like home devices, autocorrect and other social issues, while the central message is that snickers bar can fix world problems and make the world a happier place. Here’s the extended version of the ad, produced by BBDO New York and AMV BBDO. 

Audi – “Let It Go” Starring Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams

Returning to Super Bowl for the 11th time, Audi came with a 60-second spot, promoting its e-tron Sportback vehicle starring Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams. The commercial features, Williams being stuck at chaotic traffic showcasing some of the world’s major problems like sustainability, climate change, etc., which is then followed by Williams singing Frozen’s “Let It Go” and ending with the final tag “Let’s drive to a more sustainable future”. This Audi commercial was developed by agency 72andSunny Amsterdam and French director François Rousselet.

Rocket Mortgage: “Comfortable” with Jason Mamoa

Continuing speaking about Games of Thrones actors, this time the turn came to Jason Mamoa, who starred in Rocket Mortgage’s commercial for Super Bowl 2020. The ad showcases the famous actor going home and feeling comfortable, but as he enters his home, the actor’s usual masculine appearance going skinny and bald. The 60-second commercial, worked with agency HighDive, showcases how the comfort of home makes a person act like his ‘natural’ state. Overall, the commercial is pretty humorous and fun, especially for considering that it is an ad for such a serious industry as home mortgages. 

P. S. – Jason Momoa’s real wife Lisa Bonet makes a short cameo too. 

Microsoft: “Be The One” with Katie Sowers

As we mentioned, this year’s Super Bowl included several emotional and inspirational commercials, one of which is Microsoft’s commercial which tells the story of Katie Showers, who is the first female coach in the history of Super Bowl. Microsoft’s 60-second ad highlights Sowers journey in becoming a coach for NFL while displaying her in coaching San Francisco 49ers in the field. Besides, the commercial was created in collaboration with McCann New York as part of Microsoft’s “Bring it to the Surface” campaign for its Surface tablet.


As you can see, Super Bowl commercials of this year are filled with humor, creativity and a little bit of sarcasm. And while most of these ads are created specifically for the Super Bowl, many of them are so powerful that they become iconic examples in the history of Super Bowl advertising. What is more, many of the Super Bowl commercials can become so viral, to define the brand’s future positioning and recognition. Therefore, when it comes to Super Bowl, many brands and marketers put serious effort and money to get a kind of commercial that can promote their product and communicate their brand message effectively. So this is it. We have covered most of the remarkable commercials from Super Bowl 2020 and in case you missed it, we have the first part of this blog, which you can read here.


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