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Top 5 SEO trends for 2022:

Top 5 SEO trends for 2022:

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Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search. That said, only 3% of digital marketers view Search engine optimization (SEO) as an essential component of their advertising strategy, reports Statista.

Therefore, check out our complete guide to SEO marketing trends for 2022— and give yourself an edge over your competitors!


1) Featured Snippets

When looking up information online, have you noticed a brief text snippet appearing at the top of Google’s search results? Those are Google’s featured snippets!

From excellent visibility to brand recognition, there’re various reasons why you should rank in them! But how?

• Get on the first page of Google

Most featured snippets are taken from Google’s first-page results, so getting there is half the job!

• Create snippet baits with 40-50 words

Virtually all text-based snippets make up 40 to 50 words, a Semrush study confirms.

• Structure your content with proper headings and paragraphs

Using H2 and H3 headings along with paragraphs of 40-50 words is crucial to rank high.

• Use images

Visuals of 1200px width and aspect ratios 16×9, 4×3, and 1×1 will help present your information on various devices.


2) Optimize your website for voice search

According to Google, 55% of teens and over 40% of adults use voice search at least twice a day. With Google voice search rising in popularity, here’re a piece of advice from our end to help you come up with effective content:

• Use long-tail keywords

Questions can make your information voice search-friendly. So instead of using ‘hotel’ as a keyword, try something like ‘How to find a hotel near me?’ What’s more? Questions ensure that your content contains the answer they’re looking for.

• Design for mobile

As there’re no design standards specifically for voice search, mobile should be your top choice.


3) Passage Indexing

Google passage ranking pulls sections from web pages into search results even if the page covers a different topic. Wondering what’s in it for you?

If you write a comprehensive article about a particular topic, chances are good it will rank well. However, sections of it may not be so because they cover only a part of it.

Through passage indexing, Google gives an independent ranking to sections of articles.


4) Optimize your content for the world’s most spoken languages

Arguably, the most straightforward way to boost your website traffic is by optimizing your content for different languages. While English is the world’s leading language, most people don’t speak it, and you’ll need to cover other popular languages to access more prospects.

To determine which languages you should target, figure out where your traffic is coming from. How?

Head to Google Analytics and check out the Audience section for the countries you’re reaching.


5) Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

When BERT was launched, Google hinted at more robust solutions to come.

With MUM, search is more than simple queries. In fact, it is 1000x more powerful than BERT, according to Google. What’s more?

MUM boasts the ability to understand not only language but also different contexts. In addition, it incorporates multitasking in search, providing the model with a solid understanding of various topics.


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