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Top 8 iGaming website conversion
rate optimization tips

Top 8 iGaming website conversion
rate optimization tips

By 2023, the iGaming market will exceed $90 billion in value. The profitability of online sports betting and virtual casinos attracts many entrepreneurs, making the industry highly competitive. To survive, your company needs to convert more website visitors into bettors.

Check out our eight excellent tips to make your website conversion optimization more effective! 


Safety’s essential when deciding to invest money online. If visitors find your website trustworthy, your offer will appear more persuasive. So how can you achieve credibility?

Credible websites have:

  1. professional look
  2. professional feel

Concerning web design, there’re two primary approaches: aesthetic and functional. Most web agencies opt for beauty, paying little to no attention to the needs and wants of their customers. However, proper web design first and foremost means appreciating the ins and outs of your business, understanding your customers, and designing the website accordingly.

In terms of the iGaming industry, targetting a particular niche is the optimal solution as, unlike bet365.com, most sportsbooks can’t afford to cover all sports. Having a small niche will allow you to provide a better user experience and become more recognizable. Moreover, you’ll need to customize the interface and design only for a specific niche.

For example, if you’re launching a betting website for a European market, your niche should be football, as most Europeans would be interested in betting on football. By contrast, for an Indian market, you’d need to pick cricket over other sports as hundreds of millions love the sport in India.

Therefore, designing your website for a small niche will give it professional vibes.



A positive first impression of a brand is vital. The logo of your brand’s what people usually first notice in your company. To appreciate the value a logo can have, let’s explore the case of Dr. William Haig’s credibility-based designs. In his set of ideas, a logo that contained the credibility characteristics of a website corporation produced between 2x and 4x more clickthroughs than symbols that didn’t have the same traits.

So what are the essentials for a proper design?

David Airey, the author of Logo Design Lovedefines the following to be the key ingredients of an iconic logo design:

  1. simplicity
  2. relevance
  3. tradition
  4. distinctiveness
  5. memorability
  6. small size
  7. minimalism


Moreover, while Airev states that the seven traits can boost the quality of your logo design, he suggests that you may dismiss them if you think doing so will give you a competitive edge.

Via Deep Agency, you can get professional branding services: including stunning logo design. With more than an eight-year of experience, our company’s provided popular betting websites such as Bet Momo, Pro100 Bet, and BetSensation with impressive logo designs and conceptual branding solutions. Contact us now and get yours!

Value proposition

Today, millions of businesses provide similar products and services, and to get noticed, differentiating them has become more critical than ever. The value proposition, a marketing statement, contains the extra value in your offerings.

Overall, the value proposition answers the following questions:

  1. What product or service does your business offer?
  2. Who’s your target audience?
  3. How’s the value of your product different from others?

In the iGaming world, being unique isn’t common because most online casinos have the same games. Slots, roulette, blackjack: these are online casino games that aren’t likely to be replaced anytime soon as gamblers worldwide love them. Furthermore, betting software companies often don’t want to risk spending much money developing games that wouldn’t live up to their marketing expectations, while their trusty games still give them impressive profit.

So how can online casinos differentiate their products?

For the reasons above, differentiation isn’t easy. But you can, to some extent, add value to your offerings by choosing high-quality games from top betting software development companies. Besides, you can get an operating license from the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta instead of the Caribbean, which gamblers are often advised to avoid by fellow players.

Moreover, in an internet-obsessed society, people’s online and browsing behavior gives businesses many clues of the products and services they look for. That said, being the first one to provide people with whatever they need is challenging, and it’s best shown by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies of successful and failing businesses.

Persuasive content

Writing persuasive and captivating copy that engages your reader is key. No matter the context, avoid feature-oriented copies. Remember that no buyer purchases a product because of its features – instead, people care only about what’s in the product for themselves.

Online casinos know well the power of emotions in decision-making as no gambler wants to wager against a betting company with a high risk of losing money. Therefore, emotions are something you’ll want to harness in your copywriting to increase the conversation rate on your website.

Deep Agency offers you comprehensive content marketing services generating and optimizing advertising copy for your website.


The most successful iGaming websites clearly understand the unique personalities their customers have. Personas help you target various character types for website conversion rate optimization.

Overall, you need to consider five points to define a persona for your business:

  1. Background
  2. Demographics
  3. Identifiers
  4. Aims
  5. Needs

To build buyer personas, you can create surveys, online events, do web analytics, and more.

Also, it’s essential to pay attention to the psychological side of betting. Detachment, excitement, and autonomy are among the principal motives why people bet.


Incentives can change customer behavior. Generally, while brand loyalty will take you a long way, a good deal has more influence on the betting decision of your customers. In brief, incentives can break a commitment.

Moreover, even if your website isn’t awe-inspiring, a few incentives can stimulate users to dismiss the mistakes and continue their betting experience.

Some incentives you can offer include registration and loyalty bonuses, free spins or free bets, bonus credits, and other promotional projects.


Most people tend to agree with individuals they know or like. Similarly, people are more likely to convert when a product or service is associated with positive qualities.

Affiliate marketing is something you can use to promote your iGaming services online while making your brand more recognizable. Presenting your content on popular third-party blogs, news sites, you can increase the visibility and reputation of your iGaming platform – therefore making your business more likable.

Despite being an excellent marketing instrument, affiliate marketing can drain your financial resources if not executed properly. 

Use these tips to do effective and resource-efficient affiliate marketing:

  1. Look for high-traffic websites with a similar niche to yours
  2. Optimize the articles for anchor texts to your website
  3. Go for soft sell techniques

A/B testing

A/B testing is a powerful method to boost conversion rates. The testing allows you to present your website users with multiple versions of your platform. The software will determine which one, on average, produced the best conversion results. You can use the software’s findings for conversion calculation to identify the perfect version of your website.

Overall, there’re three main pros for doing an A/B testing

  1. You can discard what doesn’t work
  2. You identify what you should focus on
  3. No more hard decisions

Moreover, most companies follow this pattern when putting a concept into practice:

Produce Idea → Determine Whether to Realize It → Realize It

With A/B testing, you get to postpone making hard decisions until you see whether the idea works.

Final thoughts

Competition is fierce in the iGaming industry. It’s essential to master valuable skills to convert your website visitors into customers. Deep Agency offers you complete branding and marketing services to help you gain a competitive edge in the betting sector.

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