Top iGaming Players Retention Techniques

The iGaming industry is growing and developing very fast, it is one of the most competitive business sectors. This of course means that every company and every online casino platform tries to be different and more attractive to players than others. Brands offer bonuses, various special promotions, and marketing tools such as jackpots, tournaments and free spins.
New opportunities to enter the global market always seem difficult, though if you are eager and highly passionate, you will continue to meet the needs of regulators, operators, and suppliers, adjusting your activities according to their priorities. Even though internet gambling was not quite as famous as the land-based option on which it is founded, things began to change gradually. There were not enough gaming providers to choose from in the past, but today, most people have access to hundreds of bookmakers. So what are the top iGaming Player’s Retention Techniques in 2022?


Flawless iGaming Translation and Personalized Localization

If you want players from all over the world to visit your iGaming site, then you need to take care of the worldwide audience. Definitely, you wouldn’t like your site to be one of those that are somehow translated by an auto-translator with crooked text and errors.
iGaming translations should be made the way that they sound as natural as if they were originally written in readers’ native language. If you need content perfectly translated into your visitors’ language, you should work too professionally for that.
It is also important to plan how to focus on managing customer opportunities, improving products, and continue to invest in growing the brand. iGaming operators should optimize their digital experience and understand the importance of players. iGaming agencies are working intensively with regulators and operators to reinforce national priorities, and with vendors to create a state-of-the-art gaming experience.
Marketing in the iGaming industry includes exploring opportunities in new and established markets to maintain the company’s reputation as a technology provider that occurs in online gaming verticals.


Engaging Content on the Blog

Engage your player base with localized content.
High-quality unique content certainly helps to attract a new target audience and retain loyal customers. Additionally, content written in the native gaming language of users from different countries attracts audiences from all over the world. Website translation and localization will help to expand your target audience and enter the international market. With proper translations, your site will have more chances to stand out from the mass of competitors, get new customers, and therefore increase sales.
Multilingual sites with unique quality translations are much easier to rank high in local search engines. And depending on the content quality, your site will also rank higher for a variety of targeted queries.
Translation and localization into different languages will increase the rating of your site and the size of the target audience. Accordingly, the high-quality unique content of translations will help to convert visitors into buyers. More buyers – more sales!


Offer a Wide Selection of Games

The number of games available has been steadily increasing since the introduction of iGaming industry. According to statistics, up to 90% of the total number of bets today are made online. Leading developers of gambling software provide a wide range of online games. The developers control the status of the games on casino sites, therefore the management of gambling websites does not have access to the internal settings of slot machines and other games. As a result, game circumstances on iGaming agency websites are always clear. 

Big brands have big portfolios. They have been present on the market for years, and it is very difficult to compete with them, since their offer is formed based on experience and analysis of the preferences of the players. 

BUT, this does not mean that new operators should not try to choose game content as wide as possible so that players can always choose while gaining experience. Deep iGaming agency recommends adding different types of games, including live dealer games, slots, and table games. Players get tired of games and want to try something new, but if after a while they don’t see updates, they leave.


Game providers

The most prominent place in online casinos is occupied by slot machines. More than a hundred world-famous game providers regularly release new slots with numerous bonus features. Online slots can be made in various thematic genres: animalistic, with heroes of your favorite cartoons or films, westerns, horror, and historical versions. Classic fruit slots are especially popular. All this means that users always have a choice.

If the online casino offers a variety of classic and modern games with innovative features and attractive bonuses, this is obviously an advantage. But if these games aren’t geared toward the platform operating market, you might be surprised when players don’t like them. If the supply does not meet the demand, your players are likely to leave the platform, so analyze the market carefully and choose games accordingly.


Attractive Promotions and Bonuses

Aside from encouraging players to sign up and make their first deposit, bonuses can also be utilized to retain players by extending their lifetime and reactivating churned players.

Predicting and analyzing player churn is very important: this information is the key to improving performance and growing profits. Why did the players leave the platform? What is the probability that they will return? Can they be reactivated, and how can the churn rate be minimized?

Today, every gambling site faces the problem of losing gambling users. However, thanks to the implementation of existing methods and CRM strategies, it is possible not only to maintain the existing customer base, but also to significantly reduce the percentage of losses.


Determine your main feature

Determine what is the value of your product for Internet users, what kind of “chip” does your casino have. Proactivity is the key to success. Add live dealer games to your portfolio, run tournaments, offer good bonuses and loyalty programs.


Public and private promotions

Today, there are hundreds of popular online casino websites where players can try their luck to win valuable cash rewards. Since the competition is vast, these casinos keep introducing all kinds of bonuses to attract new players and expand their user base. This is a type of promotion system called “public”.  Another bonus system is designed to motivate the existing players to become regular ones and not to leave the gaming portal.


Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty program is special reward system in iGaming retention, which is aimed at supporting regular customers. The principle is simple: the longer a user plays for money on a particular platform and the higher his total deposit, the more gifts, bonuses and privileges he receives.

Online casinos that want to reward the most active and dedicated players are developing a status system. In the future, if the player fulfills certain conditions, he will be able to move up the ladder and get a higher status. The number of steps in different online casinos is different.

Long-term casino players are rewarded with loyalty benefits as part of their loyalty program. Players frequently receive these incentives when they accomplish particular milestones while playing their favorite casino games.

These prizes come in many shapes and sizes, and they are mainly determined by the activities of the player. For example, if a person spends a significant amount of money in the casino or places their 10,000th bet, the casino will award them. All these steps are combined to be called as retention techniques in iGaming.



Proper player segmentation, which is best accomplished through the use of a CRM system, can inform about your bonus approach. A CRM system will keep track of information like your players’ gaming preferences, average bet amount, average deposit size, and average gaming session length. Armed with this information, you can offer them the right bonus at the right time to keep them playing.


Reactivated players

Do not forget that reactivated players also need to be retained. This means that bringing a user back to the site is just the first step, and don’t get hung up on players who don’t want to stay. Once you have identified the segment of those players who are more likely to return to the platform, stay on it for a longer period and play, it’s time to create an attractive re-engagement strategy.
If the short experience that the departed players managed to get on the platform is good, then they are more likely to return to it. This means that even if your player has only been on the site for a couple of days, they should have a good overall impression of the quality. In this case, there are more chances that they will want to return.


Take the initiative

You shouldn’t wait for the player to come up with a problem, you need to find a solution before it appears. Give answers to customer questions before they have time to ask them. Communicating with players, warning about current updates, features, new products and products will arouse interest among users.

Bonuses can also be used to reactivate gamers who have churned. If a player has been inactive for an extended length of time, sending them a special offer of a deposit bonus may be just what they need to return and wager.


Incorrect bonus calculation

If you promise players a bonus, it must be correctly calculated and paid out on time if the player prefers a withdrawal. When players do not get what they expect, they leave the online casino. And the chances that they will return are very small.

User Experience


Poor support

Player support is the most important department in your company. These people communicate directly with the players, they solve their problems and take care of them. Support is needed to ensure that everything is resolved quickly and smoothly, and that players feel that it is safe to play and stay on the platform. But if the service workers are slow, impolite, unproductive, or unprofessional, players will leave.

The live chat should be accessible even to unregistered users in case they have questions about the registration process, and it is best to require as little information as possible from the users of such a chat.


Difficulty to find the game on the site

Site navigation is very important: don’t force players to open every page until they find the games they’re l. It is always better to place the games in prominent and accessible ooking forplaces.


No required language or currency

Players should be given the opportunity to use their chosen currency, especially when it comes to local money in the operating market. The same goes for languages: if players do not understand the rules or conditions, the chances that they will leave the platform and find other, more suitable alternatives are higher.


Gadget friendly 

Make sure your site can support any platform or gadget — Offering a user-friendly mobile gaming app is now an essential, not a luxury. Design your site with an eye-catching, user-friendly interface and ensure a fast browsing speed as players should be brought to the game as fast as possible — If your site fails to meet their expectations, players have a variety of other options to select from.  

Understanding why players leave your online casino platform will help you improve its performance. It’s always good to analyze the reasons or even ask the players themselves, because they know best and are often very happy to share their negative experiences. This knowledge will allow you to develop the right return strategy and improve your project so that the churn rate is lower in the future.


UI/UX design for online casinos

While land-based casinos amaze with chic and grandeur, their online counterparts have a different approach. From visual aesthetics to user-friendly UI/UX design, there are many things to think about when designing an interface for an online casino, and the price of making the wrong choice can be very high.

If it was easy to make an attractive design, online casinos would never fail – and this, unfortunately, happens quite often. Therefore, Deep branding suggests to take a closer look at the fundamental design principles of online casinos and sportsbooks.

When opening a new online casino, or even updating an existing one, you need to pay attention to the interface. It is extremely important to work on every detail to attract players at first glance to your home page, and then maintain a feeling of comfort and confidence.

A good color scheme, easy navigation, and hassle-free registration can be the deciding factor in whether a player becomes a repeat visitor.



The text must be well readable. This is one of the few cases where visual appeal and navigation go hand in hand. This is especially noticeable when it comes to registration and deposit buttons. A large font size and a color that makes it stand out from the background will make the buttons immediately noticeable.

Use pictures of the same size. This helps players find a game that will captivate them and make your platform look neat and professional.



The digitalization of the gambling market allows attracting, retaining, and expanding relationships with players using big data technology. Therefore, collecting information about the user is no longer enough to survive in the global information market. Currently, the first evolutionary steps of marketing in iGaming are observed in the form of automated processes and machine learning. Anyways, innovation develops, advanced systems and platforms will complement gambling industry knowledge and experience to increase product usage and user interests.

As you can see, there are a variety of perks available when you join an online casino. Some casinos provide generous welcome bonuses, while others have a loyalty program that rewards regular customers keeping the retention process.


So, when you register in online casino games site, make sure to check out it bonus scheme because it can make all the difference in terms of increasing your chances of winning!

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