There are Only two ways to influence human behavour: you
can manipulate it or you can inspire iT.
we always choose the second


DEEP core values shape our culture and allow us to communicate with the world. They help us create a purpose, improve team unity, and create loyalty in the workplace. In DEEP, everyone is responsible for the whole; we are passionate about our work and put fire in our projects. We never stop growing; we learn fast and are eager to discover more. We are decisive and have a point of view based on data, experience, and instincts.P.s We also do have fun. 

What we strive for

We strive to make a better tomorrow, influence lives, unlock dreams, and have the best Digital generation beyond us. We work not only to implement marketing campaigns or drive sales but to inspire, motivate and change the world and its boundaries. DEEP aims to become number one in the industry by provoking and challenging through great performance and dedication.

DEEP marketing
DEEP marketing

Want to know us?

DEEP Marketing

Anna Gyulkhasyan

Anna is the Co-Founder of DEEP and Deep Academy, simultaneously a Digital Marketing course trainer. She’s been a leading and well-known Marketing specialist for 11+ years in many different international companies. After years of hard work, she decided to create her own agency and put all her efforts, knowledge, and expertise into bringing success to Digital Market. Being a CEO, running a whole team, and trying to create a friendly atmosphere can easily be given as she knows: success is all about growing yourself before you are a leader. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Anna believes that the gap between what’s expected and what you deliver is where the magic happens, in business and life.

DEEP Marketing


Sona is the Co-founder of DEEP and DEEP Academy. She has 10+ years of experience in web, graphic, and game design. Sona has contributed significantly to drawing and creating such popular games as Luxor City, Magic Pearls, Battle of Vikings, Fruit Shake, and Queen. As a Senior Designer and Art Director, she has worked at many international companies, and after years of working at other companies, she decided to run her own company. Many successful and famous specialists in today’s field were Sona’s students, and seeing them succeed made her even more inspired by what she was doing. Sona believes that if you have ambition and you work hard, no obstacle can stop you on your way.


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