2022 UI design trends

The advent of Metaverse made quite a move in the business; therefore, 2021 was an exciting year for designers. Many of the assumptions made in the 2021 article have become more than simply a fad, and many have evolved into something entirely new. Narek Manukyan, the Art Director of DEEP, has prepared this article to guide and motivate you for your next UI project. Narek spoke about 3 main UI trends for 2022 that will make every design idea a masterpiece.

Let’s see what 2022 has for designers!

1. Brutalism (and return of the flat)

This trend has been increasing since 2021. All of the designs full of gradients, shadows, and happy 3d characters appear to be in opposition to Brutalism. 

Brutalism’s hallmarks are all flat style, powerful edges, contrasting colors, bold lettering, and real/life imagery. However, one of Brutalism’s key distinguishing features — the ostensibly missing grid — is absent in this new form. It currently has all of the other characteristics, but it follows a more traditional layout common in other design styles.

2. Glassmorphism and glass inspired elements

It’s a reality that glassmorphism exists everywhere. There’s a background blur and semi-transparent things like cards, “watercolor,” and glass-like spheres. The glass-inspired appearance is here to remain, from basic features in Mac OS Big Sur and Windows 11 to programs.

While achieving this effect isn’t difficult, there are a few things to keep in mind. Glassmorphism should be used at the discretion of the designer. It is critical not to misuse it. This style shines the brightest when only one or two elements are used. For everything else, utilize regular contrast and follow UI design best practices.

3. Holographic/Neon

This cyber holo/neon trend appears to be a good fit for the Metaverse, virtual reality, and hologram interface period. All of the new possibilities that virtual worlds offer are inspiring designers. This movement is characterized by vibrant, brilliant colors, abstract, circular shapes, and hologram-like textures.

You can elevate your work to the position of a true masterpiece by adding light as an additional element, aided by some highly amazing shimmering effects. And, because light scatters over a changing color foil employed as a surface, it produces the best results in printed works. It’s also commonly used in crypto-space to demonstrate futuristic interfaces.