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About The Course

Do you want to notice every single detail? Do you want to know how to contribute to product development immediately and effectively? Do you want to explore the market, target properly and write high-level strategies? If yes, our digital marketing course is exactly for you.


Whether you have knowledge in marketing or not, this digital marketing course is customized for you. During the classes our professional trainer will introduce you to all the important components of digital marketing from Social Media Marketing to Google Ads, SEO and many more.


You will work on your personal and real-world projects with a “from A to Z” principle.

Duration: 1 months
Effort: 6 hours/week
Price: 145000 AMD
Level: Beginner

Course program

Digital marketing course syllabus
12 the class (24 hours)

Payment instruction

Payment Instruction
Digital marketing

Knowledge + Practice = Successful career

Program summary

Digital tools

It includes Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Clicks, Content Marketing, Blogs and a lot more. You will be able to manage all needed tools.

Digital media

Different paid, owned and earned communications channels for reaching and engaging audiences including advertising messaging, search engines and social networks.

Developing a strategy

Learning to correctly set goals will help you develop effective and crazy engagement driving  strategies for different brands and companies.

Cases & Certificate

At the end of the course you will have a big storage of real projects and real campaigns with certificate establishing your abilities.

Diploma at the end

At the end of the course our students will have a Certificate.


Graduates about the course