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Client: DANZ

Type: Full Branding

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018-2019

Danz is a modern Armenian sunglass brand designed for those who aim to stand out from the crowd. Danz provides a big selection of unique products where everyone can find a perfect pair fitting their personality & lifestyle.

LOGO CONCEPT – We created a full brand image where every attribute and detail was specifically developed to emphasize the distinctive ideology of the Danz brand. The concept behind their logo was the font-structured design for which our designers developed a custom made font, which compliments their brand image ideology. The font itself is designed in a way that each letter is shaped with simple, minimal lines while combined with bold elements that make the overall logo more eye-catching and distinctive. This type of font design represents the minimalistic yet stylish spirit of the brand.

BRAND COLORING – As for the color palette, we have chosen two primary colors: black and gold, each of which symbolizes a characteristic that is reflective of Danz’s brand persona. In order to emphasize the stylishness of the brand, we specifically chose the color black, that is typically associated with power and sophistication. At the same time, we also wanted to showcase the exceptional quality of the brand, for which we chose a specific refined gold color that symbolizes luxury and excellence. This combination of brand colors and design elements is how we achieved a full brand identity that truly reflects the uniqueness and brilliance of the Danz.

Art Director: Sona Manukyan

Danz brandbook



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