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Client: Health Fund for Children of Armenia

Type: Social Media Marketing

Year: 2021

Health Fund for Childre of Armenia (HFC Armenia) is a charitable fund to help children of Armenia experiencing severe health complications.

As part of the collaboration with HFC Armenia, we created campaigns on social media, such as “It is a good day to make good actions,” “Measure your kindness,” “I am not alone, I have you.”

We had the challenge of gaining new subscribers for monthly donations. For that purpose we created a “Likes do not help” campaign to make it stand out and reach its goals.

Besides, we completed many successful fundraisings on social platforms. We also created several campaigns for specific cases: “I am not alone, I have you” for two years old Adam, “Help me to recover” for four years old Karen, “I am Davit, and cancer cannot win me.” For these campaigns and fundraisings, we designed posts for different social platforms. The main design concept was to create aesthetic, eye-touching, modern visuals, accurately conveying the message of donating.

More of our successful campaigns: “I want to become a doctor,” “I want to become a programmer,” “I dream of living,” “I dream of having more friends,” “I dream of playing football.”

Art Director: Sona Manukyan

Health fun for children of armenia foundation

Health fun for children of armenia foundation

Health fun for children of armenia foundation



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