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Client: K4C (Kill For Comfort)

Type: Naming / Branding

Country: Armenia

Year: 2019

K4C, aka Kill For Comfort is a contemporary Armenian sock brand, made for those who choose comfort and coziness over everything. We chose a name that is meant to represent the brand’s ideology and be associated mainly with comfort and quality among consumers. Besides naming, we have also created the logo and label design beautifully matching with the brand’s personality and completing the entire branding look.

The idea behind the K4C logo was to portray the brand’s spirit and do it in a creative and simple way. For that, we have developed a new minimalistic and modern font type and used it as a foundation for the logo. Moreover, the logo design is based on the name abbreviation and custom-made font, both of which beautifully complemented each other and finalized the entire logo design. We have also chosen the logo to be black and white, leaving room for artistic creativity and color in label designs.

Besides, as K4C has a large variety of products each made for a specific intended audience and a distinctive purpose, we have made all label designs unique for its type. The concept behind visuals was to reflect the purpose of the product type through its audience. For example, the K4C sports collection label is designed with colored athletic visuals that easily distinguish the collection among others and emphasize its exclusive qualities.

Art Director: Sona Manukyan

k4c kill for comfort k4c kill for comfort



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