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Client: Vardanants Center for Innovative Medicine

Type: Social Media Marketing

Year: 2021

Vardanants Medical Center is one of the leading medical centers located in Armenia. As part of our collaboration with Vardanants, we created their social media strategy and multiple social media campaigns aimed to inform people about their services and increase sales. One of our completed campaigns was “Cancer is not a verdict.” The main purpose of this campaign was to notify people about the daytime chemotherapy service and break the stereotype of thinking that cancer is equal to death. So as the insights of the campaign showed, we succeeded.

Another campaign was about the 8th of March, where female doctors shared their thoughts on what motivated them to become doctors and maintain love and a positive attitude towards their patients, even during hard times.

We created visuals and social media templates for all these daily campaign posts with eye-catching, modern, within the same color palettes designs.

Art Director: Sona Manukyan



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