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Client: Verev rooftop bar & restaurant

Type: Branding

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

Verev rooftop bar and restaurant is a luxurious place to have nice evenings with friends and the ones you love. In Armenian the word “verev” means above. As the establishment is located on the 6th floor we have played on the simplicity and symbolism of the name, which is meant to be associated with the location of the restaurant. The word is short, easy to remember and stays the same when you read it backwards.

We have designed the logo so that the letters V and E twice “lean” on R and get higher than the “tail” of the R. It’s done to stress the idea that every single thing needs a reliable prop within itself to get to a higher place.

Art Director: Sona Manukyan

Designer: Sona Vahan

Project Manager: Anna Gyulkhasyan




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