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Client: Zenus Bank

Type: Branding / UX/UI design / Landing page Design

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018-2019

Zenus Bank brings an unprecedented revolutionary approach to digital banking offering monetary services that are simple in use, secure and sustainable. The creative behind the branding has been developed to represent those qualities aiming at consistent positioning, marketing and communications approach across all media.

LOGO PHILOSOPHY: The split-line within the ‘full name logo’ variant [ZENUS] symbolizes the clarity, unimpeded path and unobstructed facility that Zenus strives towards for Z-members end user experiences, reducing friction and inconveniences in financial transactions.

In the beginning the path carries the word representing for the institution clients would rely upon, the word ”BANK” – a term that contains the semantic roots of the words ”trust”, ”reliance” and ”responsibility”, phenomena that are vital in any human affair dealing with money.

BRAND COLORING: Minimalism is the main approach in brand and logo coloring and gradient development. The blue color symbolizes the absolute resilience and safety that Zenus Bank provides for its Members. The purple creates softness, simultaneously adding dynamics to the aesthetic, a calming visual state, which, in its turn, creates the ambiance of sustainability.

Art Director: Sona Manukyan

Zenus Bank brandbook



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